5.5.18 Abbie and Josh

Abbie and Josh said their vows on a gorgeous May 5th!  I just loved these two; and it is apparent they truly are soul mates!  Abbie was a beautiful bride, so full of warmth and joy as her Dad walked her to meet Josh and begin the ceremony.  Sadly I missed some of this unique wedding service, but later learned Abbie (being an artist), slipped into her painting apron that she has kept since she was 15 years old so her and Josh could paint a picture together.  How unique is that?? Abbie’s artistic touches spilled over with fun ways of bringing the romance of Italy to the barn during the reception.  Fresh potted herbs straight from her Mother’s garden were a beautiful added touch. Rosemary, thyme and oregano were placed on each table, and an olive twig in each napkin!  Fresh bright yellow lemons were also placed next to the herbs, and just the delicious smell alone really gave the barn that Tuscan feel!  Throughout the reception, a sweet sentiment was when the newlyweds went to every table to express their gratitude for their guests’ attendance.  The night ended with the two lovebirds beaming from ear to ear and driving away in a decorated car of crepe paper showing that they were “Just Married!”  Abbie and Josh we are so glad you chose to marry and celebrate at TBS, it was a complete pleasure.  Congratulations and warm wishes for your life together!UnknownIMG_1050IMG_1017IMG_1048IMG_1024IMG_1060 2IMG_1018IMG_1019Unknown-1Unknown-3IMG_1017IMG_1027IMG_1034IMG_1030IMG_1033IMG_1044IMG_1051IMG_1055IMG_1069IMG_1066

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5/4/18 Katie and Nic

Katie and Nic were married on the afternoon of Friday, May 4th!  We were really blessed with some perfect weather for these two, to pledge their vows together to the Lord and before their guests!  Katie looked very pretty as her Dad walked her down the aisle; the gown she wore looked flawless on her, and while holding her pale rose bouquet she radiated such natural beauty!  She met the love of her life at the end of the walkway, all the while greeted with smiles by her two sisters that were the bridesmaids as well as two groomsmen.  The ceremony was lovely and led them into an evening of fun.  Morgan, who from “My Dear Weddings” was the planner and created a day for Katie and Nic worth remembering!  I loved the colors chosen for their special day, such gentle combinations that fit in so well with the beauty the Ranch has this time of year.  Overall the day went off seamlessly and we are overjoyed that another couple chose TBS as their place to start their new life together!  Katie and Nic, congratulations on such a special day, may your hearts be filled with love, patience and compassion for one another!  IMG_0972 2IMG_0824IMG_0825IMG_0826IMG_0831IMG_0832IMG_0833IMG_0834IMG_0837IMG_0841IMG_0845IMG_0846IMG_0933IMG_0934IMG_0935IMG_0941IMG_0942IMG_0945IMG_0959IMG_0958IMG_0967IMG_0974IMG_0981IMG_0983IMG_0988IMG_0985IMG_0993IMG_0991IMG_1001IMG_1012IMG_1014
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5/3/18 Chelsea and John

Chelsea and John were hitched at the Ranch on Thursday, May 3rd! What an incredible amount of love both sides of these families bring to the table. Everyone came together and was involved in making this such a perfect day for these two young lovebirds. Chelsea was a beautiful bride in her strapless fit and flairgown, and before she walked down the aisle with her Dad, the processional included both immediate families and Grandparents that walked down first! You could tell how Chelsea and John interacted with each other not only during the ceremony but the entire day, that there is such a respect and admiration for one another. The entire bridal party meshed so well with the bridesmaids in grey lace and the groomsmen in grey tuxedos…it fit in well with Chelsea’s vision of the barn that day as well! The tables were elegant and had pewter colored mason jars with fresh flowers that gave it a flair of country! It was a very cherished day by everyone attending! We are so happy for these two and can’t wish Chelsea and John enough happiness as they move forward in their lives as newlyweds! Congratulations!




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4/29/18 Christine and Daniel

Christine and Daniel traveled all the way from Tennessee and were married on Sunday, April 29th at TBS!  What a nice day for a sweet couple to say their vows; it was sporadic downpours but when the sky cleared it sure made for a lovely afternoon!  Christine looked gorgeous in her gown and was glowing with happiness as she walked down the aisle to greet Daniel.  It was a very nice ceremony and I loved how their vows were characterized by each letter that spelled out Christine’s new last name!  The bridesmaids wore champagne and the groomsmen looked just as handsome as Daniel in classic black and white tuxedos.  The barn was filled with lots of draping, matched with white votives and refreshing eucalyptus…a very clean, simple and elegant way to dress the interior!  Ashley from Snow’s did a fantastic job!  A yummy dinner that was catered by “Etched in Elegance” made way for a dance filled evening!  Everyone had a great time and we were lucky to have a full moon that lit up the sky well past sundown.  We sure want to congratulate the Bride and Groom on a lovely wedding!  Christine and Daniel, may the love you feel today only grow deeper and stronger with time!  (P.S. GO VOLS =) )


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4/7/18 Laborer’s Local 185

It’s springtime in April, which means it’s time for the Laborers’ Local 185 annual picnic!  This year it fell on April 7th; members and their families gathered together to visit while enjoying great food and a fun friendly atmosphere!  Activities such as a raffle gave guests a chance to win some great prizes!  Access Dental had a booth this year providing toothpaste and toothbrushes to any and all, and a booth run by 2 nurses provided cholesterol screenings and blood pressure readings.  We always enjoy how this day turns out! How nice for members of this local union to take a break with their families and come together for great conversation of the past years accomplishments.  It was another successful picnic come and gone, we look forward to it again in 2019!    VAAgj%s2QAqoKaYf%L8ksgdHBiGBhcRb2XJwq%T7AOmw7fBxxAhVRRahohLbmbopwAMwW6yaM1QFy%hOOmrw85fADpJqOq4IRXqYBxsapH%6qgop22KuG6RiCu5%FJXEqS1gZw5%SG+PRtqVpv5aJyZgwwLFmiHfYMTD+ABUvbWnKelg28eRVmdFQA2ahzgREjvRSwuLhjacLFS6CfNNzqDMMBZQ3a2l0uMiTbO55KQ3mWd43AKLzEyPqkRmOrl7Y1cJ+vaQQ6r2wBr2TnaHBNVsLToz3A0CsncJzlSFeerBk+HKtCygLsD+LyE3Rpq9TA2zTpsERQfullsizeoutput_321dfullsizeoutput_321bfullsizeoutput_321a5no9FNJQSryggK7twfMxYg%UTyhSf3Ry29JppUlhddGg0NAQ8VSLRO6vJTZprAV+2AyoIuJMEqSN6+KTcgxSoSuQhM3v6NNiTYeoxneSJOgSeg

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4/6/18 KIXE Volunteer BBQ

On Friday, April 6th, TBS hosted the annual KIXE Volunteer Appreciation BBQ!  This great event was put together by Christy Bartlett, the KIXE Special Events Coordinator.  These types of events make you stop for a moment and really appreciate all the hard work these volunteers give in their free time. Volunteering in this capacity helps KIXE continue their mission to educate, enrich and enlighten the Northstate community.  “Volunteer of the Month” certificates were handed out as well as a “Volunteer of the Year” plaque!  Cute country checkered cloths were laid out on each table and a tasty dinner prepared by Cheryl and her crew from Star Spangled Catering.  Jon from Netsound provided a photo booth, singer song writer, Kelly Ann entertained everyone with her “Soul Folk”, music, http://www.kellyannmusic.com.  She was amazing!! It was a wonderful addition to the event!  We want to thank KIXE for choosing TBS as their event venue this year.  We hope you continue to take on volunteers of all ages that help provide amazing things for all of Northern California!




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3/23/18 Judy and Dan

On Friday night, March 23rd, TBS had the privilege of hosting a 50th wedding anniversary for the nicest couple, Judy and Dan. The couple of the hour arrived in style in Stan McCurdy’s beautiful 1940 ragtop Ford. Their children- John, Bobbie, and Barbara, helped pull this amazing event together to recreate a memorable day for their parents. Friends and family traveled from near and far to show their love. Touches of gold could be found in every corner of the room, giving the barn a warm glow and reflecting the warmth this couple shared over the last half of a century. They said their vows on March 23rd, 1968 and how amazing to have a celebration this many years later and have all their bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family attend! Jack Singleton Music was the entertainment for the evening, singing songs old and new, including recreating their first dance number from 50 years ago. It was a wonderful day to reflect upon their time together as Husband and Wife with story after story being told! The big surprise of the night came after a delicious meal, when the large barn doors opened to a gift of a 1965 El Camino presented to Dan and Judy by their son John which left no dry eye in the room! There were cheers, tears and laughter as they both took a seat inside the car sealing it with a sweet kiss. This was exactly like the car they went on their first date in which was so special! I love that we are able to celebrate many different types of events out on the Ranch, and having this anniversary party just reminds us of how marriage is forever! Judy and Dan, congratulations on 50 wonderful years as a married couple! What a triumph!





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3/22/18 Veronica and Logan

Yay!  Here we are jumping right into our 2018 season, and how exciting for Veronica and Logan to be our first wedding!  They were married at the Ranch on a beautiful Thursday, March 22nd.  The day was very unpredictable in regards to weather; we were expecting a torrential downpour the entire day!  Low and behold the morning brought showers but cleared up just one hour before the ceremony!  It brought way to a lovely warm sun that shone brightly on our beautiful bride. She was absolutely stunning! Veronica’s dad walked her down the brand new staircase entrance into a gathering of guests that all stood around her and Logan.  The ceremony was heartfelt with the Bride and Groom each presenting a rose to their mothers as a symbol they would always be in their hearts.  It was a very easy going afternoon with guests mingling before dinner and then an evening filled with fun dancing!  The dance crowd kept the party going until the very end; at this point, Veronica and Logan then exited the barn surrounded by family and friends and got into a limo!  We are so happy with how their day turned out, Veronica and Logan we wish you a heartfelt congratulations!    F6pPIBVQRkqs7x3zzIZemgf8x2vA70QOqrUEvjBDu6lAOkJUtqgrQVmjdbALCM2ycQhob9Y2hQRs2ssHekIs+LgwFQeSL1FOQCyA9HNAoO+ydwLPrDK+7XQtefdbgI0bxudQiZaURVPuQvOrtyU9Mh78GQTkygjQcWQfqxqJ4FlypEZwcO6qTNU7SsqM1TKgrhwzvQIMG_2869IMG_2870N3klnz%WSUCtQ8IzJIPwIwjOPV+Xh7TRep0setvFoqlQwrwd3NbSTYaodsHeN3rvawgw3Y5tOjT4SapnxmpOkneQPuS++43RR5OjmKEcpJz48QKAy37HZNRP631C2SB8%bYgQx2LhklZRrGr4suVC3wCHQnxdBOzD4RD+OicwrTh9FtwbzSuYPxUQQG2+YhN4uqpNw8YP7UW0oT0GyUVVk06Yr0gl+rCBq1cSjycH6gTuLOhagBHGP+wd+ThGXJ3mdN9MKwg5pasqKqmSxycExIFHrU4bwwrWdEHjOR8ekRcfctlkkPQk+dkP2uDQ4up8HIKVNYiaAkJs%V3v2Tc2XuW6UIBB6BQ471ZIfurTK2QWFHc7ga0pwnUSjLo39SwyKOlsk92YdDApxZXkuXqSKqpR9Mw%jHamQ0E4GlqtgRSud6B2UjT3skAd6gcr1mJSYqbPYgm6jDAnQWl7iN+fhQ8ePVgY786ew+gpx77ZPLoTZ6IdTqtGoeZWgOWOIOxJzSM6hxM%iuxNlhQUnknown-2

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6/17/16 – Taylor and Daniel – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Outdoor Barn Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Taylor and Daniel!!!!  Oh my goodness these two are sweet!  I bet you can tell by the pictures?  The day was amazing, and all just the perfect reflection of this lovely couple.  LOVED the sunflowers!  So fresh and summery (=  There were a lot of awesome details..I will let my pictures do the talking!

Taylor and Daniel are such a lovely couple, and we wish them the very best!!!!!

IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8861 IMG_8866 IMG_8867 IMG_8869 IMG_8872 IMG_8873 IMG_8875 IMG_8876 IMG_8879 IMG_8894 IMG_8908 IMG_8953 IMG_8960 IMG_8993 IMG_9020 IMG_9026 IMG_9033






9/19/15-Sara and Nick – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Sara and Nick!!!!  What a beautiful wedding!  What a beautiful bride!!!  Nick, you cleaned up pretty nice as well!!!  Lovely couple, lovely friends and family, LOVELY wedding!!  We wish them the very best (=

IMG_4339 IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4351 IMG_4354 IMG_4356 IMG_4358 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4373 IMG_4379 IMG_4386 IMG_4387 IMG_4389 IMG_4393 IMG_4398

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