Laborers’ Local 185 Annual Picnic

April 8th hosted another fun annual spring picnic for Laborers’ Local 185! It was a great relaxing day with plenty of local union members coming together to visit and share stories.  Clive of Redding BBQ Catering provided excellent food, while “The Barn Door- Elegance & Rust Event Rentals” provided all the beautiful decorations for the delicious dessert bar.  A balloon clown added some entertainment to the day too!  Robert D. Leslie of Redding, and Thomas Weidel of Corning were both acknowledged for a respectable 58 years of service each, amazing!  Several members couldn’t join in the day’s festivities but were honored for their years as well.  It was overall a wonderful day celebrating the working men and women, and their families!  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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3/17/17 A new season begins at TBS……

kv-3When a couple embarks upon the journey of marriage, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Every aspect contributing to the perfect wedding day receives careful thought, and selecting a wedding venue is considerably the most important one.  Shane and Stephanie have poured their heart and soul into TBS Ranch for 13 years and have created an amazing ability to simply inspire people.  From the gorgeous location, to the equally beautiful indoor and outdoor space, TBS has been a place of magic that couples dream of for their wedding day.  As the difficult decision it was for Shane and Stephanie to leave this business, it was apparent they wanted to find new owners with the same ambition. This is Tina, and as Dave and I go into our first wedding season under this new ownership, we are thankful for the knowledge and inspiration that has been passed onto us by this power duo.  We look forward to upholding the passion and drive for TBS Ranch, and helping create lasting memories of a couple’s new life together.



11/10/16-Simpson University Hay Day-Redding Event Venue, Redding Barn Venue

Had a total blast hosting Simpson University’s Hay Day!!!  Events like this keep my young!

They usually have it at the Simpson Campus, but decided to do something different this year and I’m so happy they did!  FUN FUN FUN!  I’m hoping that they come back next year (=

img_2026 img_2031 img_2036

6/5/16 – Redding Christian High School Class of 2016 Graduation Party – Redding Event Venue


Congratulations to Redding Christian High School Class of 2016!!!!  We have done a lot of events over the years with Redding Christian School, and are so honored that they thought of us when choosing a venue for their Grad party!  What a great group of kids.  So refreshing to see kids with their priorities in order.  These kids all have very bright futures ahead of them, and we wish them all the best!!!!IMG_8675 IMG_8673 IMG_8671 IMG_8670 IMG_8667 IMG_8665 IMG_8663 IMG_8656 IMG_8651 IMG_8644 IMG_8640 IMG_8634 IMG_8624 IMG_8621 IMG_8618 IMG_8616


4/9/16-Local 185 Laborer’s Annual Event-Corporate Event Venue Redding, CA,

LOVE LOVE LOVE having the crowd from the Local 185 every year.  I think that this one was the 10th with us?  Always a good time, but we had to miss it this year and have staff cover for us.  It was held on the same day as my Aunt’s 80th Birthday party in Portland, and we couldn’t miss that.  You only get to celebrate your 80th Birthday once, and I will get the opportunity to see my friends from the Local 185 next April, and I will have that to look forward to!




2/21/16 – Redding Bridal Show Expo Center- Redding Wedding Show, Redding Wedding Venue


IMG_5891OH MY GOODNESS did I have fun at this show! Not only did I get to talk chat with so many future brides, but one of my favorite people, Lisa Stewart, came to help me out!  Lisa was married at the ranch in September 2009.  Her and her husband Kasey bought the house next door so now not only are they one of my brides and grooms, they are my neighbors!  LOVE them both and have enjoyed watching their family grow.  Lisa volunteered to help me at my booth and I’m so happy she did.  I couldn’t have done it without her!

We both had a total BLAST chatting with everyone that stopped by, and I have already met with a few of you at the ranch.  I also need to say a special thanks to Gwen and her helpers of Gwen Edwardson Events for decorating my booth for me, and the Floranthropist for putting together the amazing flowers for my booth.   It looked amazing!


This is Lisa and Kasey in September 2009 on their wedding day at the TBS Ranch.



Lisa and her girls (= Isn’t she lovely!


Beautiful flowers from the Floranthropist.  Thank you so much!!!!

Beautiful flowers from the Floranthropist. Thank you so much!!!!


9/27/15 – Autumn Dreams Bridal and Event Faire – Redding Bridal Shows, Redding Wedding Venue


I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!  I have had a booth at every one of these shows, and it sure doesn’t seem like it’s been 10 years. Well  you know what they say, time flies when having fun, and I always have fun at these shows!  I couldn’t have my “usual” booth this year because I didn’t have Shane to set it up.  He has been traveling a lot on business lately.  We had a wedding on that day as well, so just too crazy to do anything for the booth.  THANK the heavens above for Teri Benson the founder of this show. She put the booth together for me, and it was just perfect!  LOVED the colors and had a fall vibe, my favorite.  All I had to do was show up.  I had a hard time even doing that with a wedding that day, but I made it all happen!  However, I could not have done it without Teri.  THANKS Teri for your hard work, and THANKS to all of you future brides that stopped and chatted with me!


8/2/15 – The Redding Bridal Show – Redding Wedding Venue

Had a total BLAST at the Redding Bridal Show held at the Convention Center on Sunday, August 2, 2015.  I could not commit to having a display at the show until the week prior.  I thought that I was going to be in Portland that day.  Gwen Edwardson came to my rescue!  She offered to put up a small booth (too late for my usual booth), and to man it if I had to go to Portland.  Ends up that I was able to stay, and I am so happy I did.  Had so much fun talking to all of the future brides.  I have been SO busy since then with showings and a few bookings!  Great show (=


A selfie with my girl Gwen!!! Could NOT have done this without her.

Searchlght Wedding Show 5

I’m famous!!! Been here 10 years and finally made it!!! I only met Todd (the guy with me) moments prior to the photo being taken. I have had so many people assume that he is with the ranch. He is with the Red Lion and came over to introduce himself. He just moved here form Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, and he already got his picture in the paper??? I had to wait 10 years! What gives????

4/11/15-Laborers Local 185 Annual Picnic – Redding Wedding Venue

I am VERY late posting this blog.  So busy lately!  It has been 3 weeks now and I am just getting the chance.  It’s a good busy though, so no complaints (=

LOVE LOVE LOVE having these great people every year!!!!!  The Laborers Local 185 have been celebrating their spring event at the TBS Ranch for I think 9 years now?  I have gotten to know some of these people over the years, and they are truly great folks.  Family oriented and good work ethic.  They had a HUGE turnout this year, and  a lot of new faces.  Everyone had a total blast, (especially the kids!), and it is always so much fun having them.

IMG_0967 IMG_0968

2/8/15 – Bridal Guide Bridal Show 2015


IMG_0118As always, had a TOTAL BLAST at the Bridal Guide Bridal Show held at the Simpson College Event Center on Sunday, February 8, 2015.  Any of you that know me, know that I love to talk, especially about weddings, so this is my day!  LOVED chatting with me existing brides, as well as meeting a lot of my future brides.  The reason I am so late posting this blog is because I have been totally slammed with appointments after the show.  THANK YOU to all of you that stopped and chatted with me.  I enjoyed each and every one of you!

I also have to thank Teri Benson from Affairs for doing my booth.  She has done my booth for me for 10 years!  I am spoiled.  She makes it so easy for me.  AND, it always looks amazing!!!


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