10.13.18 Ciera and Casey

Ciera and Casey married on Saturday, October 13th and had a perfect little fall wedding at the Ranch!  They chose to keep everything humble and sweet and the end result was a beautiful day with the people they hold closest to their hearts!  Ciera was so sparkly beautiful in her strapless dress, and with her headband she wore she looked like a princess!  Casey and his groomsmen looked so classic in navy, grey and white and their smiles were so pleasing to the eye!  Ciera’s bridesmaids were in solid navy and the entire wedding party together radiated such a relaxing mood.  For the reception there was plenty of delicious dinner to keep guests happy and full, and a dessert bar that satisfied even the smallest sweet tooth!  Guest tables were looking beautiful with all white and just a pop of color from navy runners.  The day turned out beautiful and I could really tell with all the signs around stating “happily ever after” that these lovebirds truly found their special person.  So glad we could celebrate the love that Ceira and Casey share for each other.  May your days in marriage be joyous, loving, and kind…congratulations!  IMG_5159IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5164IMG_5165IMG_5169IMG_5171IMG_5174IMG_5175IMG_5177IMG_5179IMG_5180IMG_5181IMG_5182IMG_5183IMG_5184IMG_5187IMG_5189IMG_5190IMG_5193IMG_5194IMG_5196IMG_5197IMG_5199IMG_5201IMG_5203IMG_5204IMG_5205IMG_5206IMG_5207IMG_5208IMG_5209IMG_5210IMG_5211IMG_5212IMG_5213IMG_5214IMG_5215IMG_5216IMG_5217IMG_5218IMG_5219IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5222IMG_5223IMG_5224IMG_5225IMG_5226IMG_5227IMG_5228IMG_5229IMG_5230IMG_5231IMG_5232IMG_5233IMG_5234IMG_5235IMG_5236IMG_5237IMG_5238IMG_5239IMG_5240IMG_5241IMG_5244IMG_5245IMG_5246IMG_5247IMG_5248IMG_5249IMG_5250IMG_5252IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5257IMG_5258IMG_5274IMG_5276IMG_5279IMG_5282IMG_5283IMG_5289IMG_5290IMG_5293IMG_5294IMG_5295IMG_5296IMG_5300IMG_5302IMG_5303IMG_5306IMG_5307IMG_5308IMG_5309IMG_5310IMG_5311IMG_5312IMG_5313IMG_5314IMG_5315IMG_5316IMG_5317IMG_5319IMG_5320IMG_5322IMG_5324IMG_5327IMG_5328IMG_5330IMG_5341IMG_5343IMG_5344IMG_5346IMG_5350IMG_5351IMG_5354IMG_5242IMG_5243IMG_5292IMG_5291IMG_5298

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