7/16/16 – Jen and Derek – Redding Wedding Venue, Wedding Venue, Redding, CA


IMG_9465Congratulations to Jen and Derek!  What a truly handsome couple they are!  They are going to have cute kids (=  I should mention that they are pretty cool people as well.

Their day was AMAZING!  Jen did this ALL herself.  All of the arts and crafts, decorating, and set up.  She is quite creative.  Maybe a future wedding coordinator?  She should consider it because she truly has a natural talent for it.  It looked totally professionally decorated.

I had fun knowing this lovely couple, and we wish them the very best!!!!

IMG_9376 IMG_9377 IMG_9382 IMG_9391 IMG_9395 IMG_9398 IMG_9401 IMG_9402 IMG_9405 IMG_9413 IMG_9416 IMG_9421 IMG_9422 IMG_9429 IMG_9433 IMG_9440 IMG_9442 IMG_9447 IMG_9451 IMG_9463 IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9469 IMG_9471 IMG_9473



7/2/16 – Cassie and Matt – Redding Wedding Venue, Barn Wedding Venue Redding, CA



IMG_9349Congratulations to Cassie and Matt!!!  I had so much fun with this crowd!  Lively and FUN!  This event had a very clean simple classy vibe.  Just LOVELY!  Ashley Jones coordinated this event, and I LOVE working with Ashley.  She has hosted weddings for us in the past and she does an amazing job.  Ashley and Cassie are friends from a long time back, so it was really fun for Ashley to do this event because she really knows the bride.  It showed in the simple clean lines of this set up.  Not overly accessorized, but ever so classy.  Also LOVED the fun vibe of the baseball themed snack bar and cupcake baseball diamond.  All in all just a lovely day for a lovely couple and we wish them the very best!!!

IMG_9225 IMG_9228 IMG_9229 IMG_9231 IMG_9234 IMG_9242 IMG_9247 IMG_9252 IMG_9262 IMG_9266 IMG_9267 IMG_9271 IMG_9280 IMG_9285 IMG_9290 IMG_9294 IMG_9298 IMG_9303 IMG_9310 IMG_9315 IMG_9318 IMG_9326 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9336 IMG_9349 IMG_9354 IMG_9357 IMG_9360



6/25/16 – Elaine and Tim – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Barn Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Elaine and Tim!  Elaine was another one of my extremely low maintenance brides this year.  She wanted a casual setting where people could relax and have fun.  She totally nailed it!  The day had such a relaxed yet festive vibe that was amazing.  LOVED that Elaine did not wear a traditional wedding dress.  She looked SO stunning, and LOVED that her boys walked her down the aisle.  They were such well behaved teenagers!  That is hard to come by.  At the ceremony they thanked their mom for all she sacrificed for them, and then welcomed Tim into the family.  Very touching and meaningful. You could tell that it was from the heart, not rehearsed.  They are a great reflection of what great people Elaine and Tim are. We wish them the very best!!!

IMG_9133 IMG_9138 IMG_9142 IMG_9143 IMG_9147 IMG_9149 IMG_9162 IMG_9165 IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9179 IMG_9186 IMG_9206 IMG_9211 IMG_9213


6/18/16 – Tia and Roberto – Redding Wedding Venue


This is Tia and her dad getting ready to walk the aisle. Kathie, the host that day, sent me this to post. I have no photos of Tia and Roberto because I had to leave early that day )=

Congratulations to Tia and Roberto!!!  I LOVED these two from the moment I met them!!!  Roberto is SO attentive to Tia, it is really adorable.  He really wants her to be happy, and that is what makes him happy.  A very good way to start a life together.  Tia and Roberto did their wedding all themselves, with the help of friends and family.  I must say that I was stunned!  It totally looked professionally coordinated!  They did an AMAZING job.  I know that Roberto built the altar arch for his lovely bride.  It was PERFECT!  Tia had seen an arch at one of the recent weddings that the ranch, and wanted something similar.  Roberto is talented!  It was stunning, as was everything!

I am so bummed that I did not get to see them exchange vows.  I had to leave for Bakersfield that day to support my daughter as she pursued her black belt in karate.  I did get some photos of the set up, and Kathie, the host that day, sent me a few photos, but none of Tia AND Roberto.  She did send a few great ones of Tia and her dad.  I am going to rely on Tia to send me photos when she gets them so I can post more.  I am sure that it was amazing, just like all else that day!

Tia and Roberto are a lovely couple and we wish them the very best!!!!


Tia and Roberto’s ADORABLE daughter! So freaking cute (=

IMG_2506 IMG_2509 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_9048 IMG_9050 IMG_9051 IMG_9053 IMG_9060 IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9075 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9082 IMG_9089 IMG_9091 IMG_9095


6/17/16 – Taylor and Daniel – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Outdoor Barn Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Taylor and Daniel!!!!  Oh my goodness these two are sweet!  I bet you can tell by the pictures?  The day was amazing, and all just the perfect reflection of this lovely couple.  LOVED the sunflowers!  So fresh and summery (=  There were a lot of awesome details..I will let my pictures do the talking!

Taylor and Daniel are such a lovely couple, and we wish them the very best!!!!!

IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8861 IMG_8866 IMG_8867 IMG_8869 IMG_8872 IMG_8873 IMG_8875 IMG_8876 IMG_8879 IMG_8894 IMG_8908 IMG_8953 IMG_8960 IMG_8993 IMG_9020 IMG_9026 IMG_9033






6/11/16 – Marci and Troy – ELEGANT Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Marci and Troy!!!  These two just radiate total class.  When I first met with Marci last year, she fell in love with my barn, but not the “stuff”.  The “stuff” being, lets face it, the old junk in the barn.  She asked if she could take down the signs (Jail, Country Store, Grand Ole Opry..etc…), as well as remove the “stuff”, and asked if she could possibly bring in chandeliers.  She had a vision, and my “stuff” was getting in her way!  There was no realistic way that I could lead her in that direction knowing what would be involved.  At that time, my husband and I were thinking of redoing the barn and getting rid of the “stuff”, just simply because it took up a lot of space and was a chore to keep clean.  AND..I have been begging for these chandeliers I found in Portland for about 7 years now; but I could not tell Marci about it because I just didn’t know for certain if we were going to pull it off in the down season last year.  I didn’t want to give her false hopes!  Instead, I put her in touch with Gwen Edwardson Events.  Gwen can make a dog house wedding worthy, so I knew she could work around my “stuff” and Marci would still be able to have her vision.  Marci of course loved Gwen and they started their plans.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Shane and I were busy with the barn revamp…complete with what I call my “7 year chandeliers”.  It is AMAZING!  AND..needless to say, Marci was beyond words thrilled.  When she saw the barn sans “junk” and signs, she was a very happy bride to be!  Not that she wasn’t happy before, but now she was happier!  I have to say, so am I!  No longer have to clean the old “junk” and it opened up the barn so much.  Before it was covering all of that awesome old cedar.  I loved my “junk” while it was there, but it was time for a revamp and thanks to Marci’s prodding, it’s all done and is beyond words amazing!!!  Thanks Marci!!!!

That said, Marci was such a classic bride, I knew she would be, and the barn was over the top with Gwen’s talent of bringing Marci’s vision to life.  LOVED this day!  It was so beautiful.  I took lots of pictures, and the photographer promised to send me more later which I will share when I get them.  I’m sure that her photos are going to be over the top!  Can’t wait to see them.

We wish Marci and Troy the very best!!!!

IMG_8700 IMG_8704 IMG_8712 IMG_8721 IMG_8727 IMG_8730 IMG_8733 IMG_8735 IMG_8737 IMG_8739 IMG_8741 IMG_8742 IMG_8749 IMG_8753 IMG_8755 IMG_8763 IMG_8765 IMG_8768 IMG_8776 IMG_8781 IMG_8791 IMG_8795 IMG_8799 IMG_8802 IMG_8814 IMG_8825 IMG_8837



6/5/16 – Redding Christian High School Class of 2016 Graduation Party – Redding Event Venue


Congratulations to Redding Christian High School Class of 2016!!!!  We have done a lot of events over the years with Redding Christian School, and are so honored that they thought of us when choosing a venue for their Grad party!  What a great group of kids.  So refreshing to see kids with their priorities in order.  These kids all have very bright futures ahead of them, and we wish them all the best!!!!IMG_8675 IMG_8673 IMG_8671 IMG_8670 IMG_8667 IMG_8665 IMG_8663 IMG_8656 IMG_8651 IMG_8644 IMG_8640 IMG_8634 IMG_8624 IMG_8621 IMG_8618 IMG_8616


6/4/16 – Jenna and Nick – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Jenna and Nick!!!!  LOVE that these two met when they were 16 years old.  Their fist date was at the Red Robin, and that is so near and dear to me, because my husband and my first date was at the Red Robin!  That Red Robin is obviously great for first dates!!!!  I love it when hight school sweethearts make it through the rough times and make it to the altar.  These two did it right…AFTER college.  If you can make it through high school AND college and still make it to the altar, you are soul mates.  It is quite apparent that Jenna and Nick are sole mates.

Their wedding day was fairytale like magical.  Marlene from A Planned Affair is a family friend and coordinated this event.  She did an spectacular job and I always enjoy working with her.  The vibe fit Jenna and Nick so well…and EVERYONE raved about their day.  It was amazing, and we wish them the very best!!!!

IMG_8488 IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8495 IMG_8501 IMG_8502 IMG_8503 IMG_8506 IMG_8508 IMG_8511 IMG_8512 IMG_8526 IMG_8528 IMG_8534 IMG_8561 IMG_8569 IMG_8572 IMG_8579 IMG_8580 IMG_8588 IMG_8591 IMG_8595 IMG_8598 IMG_8604 IMG_8612


5/29/16 – Kierstin and Matt – Redding Wedding Venue, Barn Wedding Venue Redding


Congratulations to Kierstin and Matt!!!  OK…I mean it when I say that Kierstin has won the award for the most low maintenance bride I have ever worked with.  I met with them last summer, they booked, and other than a few e-mail correspondences, I did not see them again until their wedding day!  Kierstin is just so easy going and all came together for her perfectly.  The day was the PERFECT spring day.  Very May wedding like…just perfect!  Kierstin was a RADIANT bride, and Matt cleaned up pretty nicely as well.  Their set up was simple and no fuss.  It was about the vows and having a good time, which they did and I’m sure will continue to do throughout their life together!  We wish them the very best!!!!

IMG_8223 IMG_8225 IMG_8237 IMG_8243 IMG_8294 IMG_8307 IMG_8309 IMG_8315 IMG_8317 IMG_8319 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8325 IMG_8327 IMG_8328 IMG_8332 IMG_8344 IMG_8346 IMG_8352 IMG_8357

6/3/16 – Laura and DJ – Redding Wedding Venue, Outdoor Wedding Venue, Redding, CA


Congratulations to Laura and DJ!  I had so much fun knowing these two!  I LOVE that DJ was involved in the planning.  It is unusual for the grooms to get involved.  Sometimes I don’t even meet them until the day of, but DJ corresponded with me as much as Laura did.  They are a team!  Their team effort brought forth an AMAZING wedding day.  It was classic…and Laura such an amazing classic bride.  The day was the perfect reflection of them and we wish them the very best!!!!

IMG_8381 IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8389 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8394 IMG_8397 IMG_8402 IMG_8403 IMG_8406 IMG_8408 IMG_8411 IMG_8414 IMG_8421 IMG_8432 IMG_8436 IMG_8447 IMG_8448 IMG_8449 IMG_8462 IMG_8472



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