6/24/17 Jackie and Craig

Jackie and Craig tied the knot at the Ranch on June 24th, and boy did this wedding take the cake for the hottest one in 2017, yet! These two sweethearts really put on a spectacular shindig and it was such a special day sans the 109 degrees! Jackie was a gorgeous bride in her dress, that while it looked like a sweetheart neckline, was really attached to a sheer top with sleeves…it was stunning! She and her bridesmaids just looked so tranquil with their corresponding colors of purples, pinks, and taupe; they all flowed together so well. Craig, who had served our country as a US Marine for 4 years, looked so handsome and happy as he escorted his mother Joan in. As all stood and watched for Jackie to make her way down the aisle, I realized this bride came down alone. I noticed it was emotional for friends and family as Craig walked down to greet her halfway and walk her to the altar; it was so touching.  The rest of the evening following the ceremony just exuded LOVE! The speeches were endearing, so many nice words were said about Jackie and Craig!  Some especially emotional words by Jackie’s Maid of Honor, Jennifer, who happens to be her sister and best friend!  Adorable LOVE letters were hung above the head table and it directed all attention to the entire wedding party. The whole barn was filled with togetherness and had an inseparable family feel. It was a wonderful day and we wish Jackie and Craig a huge congratulations, may you both have never ending love for each other!

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6/23/17 Morgan and Matt

Morgan and Matt were married on June 23rd and this was our first official summer wedding at the Ranch!  What a fantastic couple and fun day for these two!  Two UC Davis students, who attended at different times, with the help of fate led them to each other at a party…it was so meant to be!  They are such a sweet couple and it no doubt radiated among their wedding party and guests!  The most beautiful instrumental music began as the bridal party started their procession to the alter and then the music changed and everyone stood up waiting for this beautiful bride and her father to enter.  Suprise to all they had slipped around to the back of the barn and entered over the bridge. What an entrance!!  I loved the color combination of pinks and reds with the variety of hues that they chose; it gave it such a romantic feel, and with the large LOVE letters placed as guests walked up to the barn it set the tone for a dreamy day.   Morgan had a beautiful bouquet with peonies and roses, so simple yet so elegant!  She looked so classy in her dress and you could tell Matt just adored her!  I have respect for Morgan and Matt taking on such a special day in the heat of summer, but they pulled it off effortlessly and everyone had such a wonderful time.  We wish these two the best that life has to offer!

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6/17/17 Caroline and Roy

Caroline and Roy were married on June 17th at the Ranch, and what a way to end the spring season! This wedding was filled with beautiful details and romantic touches, beginning with Caroline’s gorgeous dress that was fashioned by a top New York designer! She looked beyond stunning as she made her entrance and met Roy up at the front to say their vows. A fun reception was ahead with Roy’s friends’ handcrafting all the beer in the kegs; a special blonde ale for the Groom and a lightweight IPA for the bride! A fabulous naked cake by Sublime Cake Designs was spectacular as well!! While copper has been overshadowed in the past by gold, it became a glowing focal point that added a stylish accent to all the beautiful wedding color hues! The guest tables were elegant with a variety of glass vases, and it was exciting to see the combination of metallic with botanicals. Incorporating taupe and white made the rosemary and eucalyptus pop; on top of that the barn smelled AMAZING! Everything definitely had that organic look and feel, it was refreshing! Of course the song “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond came on later in the evening, and the entire crowd serenaded Caroline…it was just the sweetest! We loved this day, and to the newlyweds we wish you heartfelt congratulations!IMG_1710IMG_1690IMG_1712IMG_1705IMG_1619IMG_1724IMG_1634IMG_1643IMG_1640 2IMG_1639IMG_1634IMG_1717IMG_1635IMG_1646IMG_1623IMG_1615IMG_1622IMG_1611IMG_1606IMG_1614

I am usually never at the ranch late enough to see the Bride and Grooms send off, but this particular wedding will always be a sweet memory. This crowd was enjoying themselves until the very last song, It was so much fun!  As I climbed in bed I noticed it was two minutes after midnight. I slept 3 hours and was no sooner awakened by a phone call from my son announcing that my new granddaughter was about to make her entrance into the world!  A sensational adrenaline boost sent me off to the hospital and I arrived just in time to see Morgan Alice take her first breath. This particular weekend June 17th-18th was filled with beautiful and memorable  moments, and it was a blessing to be a part of all of them.
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6/10/17 Jocelyn and Jordan

We were blessed with some fantastic cooler weather for the wedding of Jocelyn and Jordan on Saturday, June 10th!  We are nearing triple digits soon, so it was a nice way to enjoy the last of the spring weather before we are thrown into the hottest part of summer!  Jocelyn and Jordan met on Halloween a couple years back at the Hen House and the fun night grew in to a great love story. Together they are an amazing couple! I love how they simply exude this relaxing, laid back style; everything was just “go with the flow” attitude, and it worked!  Family traveled afar to attend this wedding from Arizona, Nevada, but mostly Idaho! Jordan’s Mom and Sisters rocked a homemade taco bar that was phenomenal. Jocelyn’s sister in law made a stunning cake with such lifelike edible flowers!  Jocelyn looked dazzling in her gown and just embodied the country bride, her smile was contagious!  Her bridesmaids all complimented her style in varying shades of pink and cowboy boots and the three flower girls tied in with them so well!  We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to get married at the Ranch, we loved having the whole family out here!  Jocelyn and Jordan, we wish you excitement and happiness and all the love in your new life together!      


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6/3/17 Shawna and Ryan

What a dazzling day for a fantastic couple like Shawna and Ryan to say their vows at TBS!  These two celebrated their marriage on June 3rd, and my goodness this wedding showcased a beautiful spring day in both weather and fabulous décor!  Tranquil colors of peach, white and grey adorned the Ranch and they were a great choice to compliment Shawna in her gown…who looked exquisite by the way! While all eyes were on the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, her niece serenely played “Ode to Joy” on her violin which was so charming. For the reception, an eclectic blend of china was used for each guests table setting which really made for a fun addition. Ryan’s mom, Pamela, went over the top in BEAUTIFUL decor, she even fabulously handcrafted large paper flowers that were fashioned on the corners of the barn door! Pink peonies and candles in lanterns were everywhere, including centerpieces and the gift table! This was an absolutely fun wedding and everyone from young and old danced into the night. It’s so fun to see two people sincerely lucky in love and we just wish Shawna and Ryan the greatest life together, enjoy Tahiti!
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5/27/17 Ryan and Taylor

Take a fantastic couple like Ryan and Taylor, combined with loving wedding guests on a gorgeous day, and you have a recipe for an incredible wedding! These two were married at the Ranch on Saturday May 27th and it was SUCH a blast! Having been apart while Ryan was finishing school, it was finally time for Taylor and him to come together and celebrate their love! Taylor’s outgoing personality and fun demeanor made her even more beautiful that day, if you can believe it! With the help of Marlene Woodard wedding designer, this wedding embodied fun and style! Friendly competition was incorporated into the day; everything from ring toss to horseshoes kept the party going well into the evening! Some spectacular handmade touches adorned the barn such as two cupcake wheels that looked amazing! DIY signs were stylish and abundant, while ample lighting and beautiful drapes really set the tone. Rustic Charm was used for the oversized LOVE letters placed behind the bridal arch and it really fit Ryan and Taylor just perfectly! Love is growing old together but staying young at heart; Ryan and Taylor were the epitome of just that…congratulations to a cool couple, enjoy your new journey!
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5/21/17 Don And Alisha

Another great wedding went off without a hitch on May 21st! Don and Alisha took this gorgeous day and ran with it, such fun and enjoyment they brought with them! With the support from Gwen Edwardson Events, a simply graceful wedding was born. Burlap was a big hit in the barn, special flowers were made and strewn among the tables which gave it a romantic, yet rustic country feel. Alisha certainly made TBS extra beautiful that day; she looked top notch in her strapless gown that was covered in lace. It no doubt added to the romantic feel of what this day was comprised of! The springtime colors of her bridesmaids and bouquet choice were also simple reminders of this lovely season we get to enjoy. Everything tied together so well and it looked as though everyone just had a grand time. We love when these days fall into place so seamlessly and to sit back and let this family share in Don and Alisha’s special day is where the focus should be centered on! Weddings pass in just a day, leaving happy memories which last a lifetime. Enjoy your bright future together Mr. and Mrs.!


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5/20/17 Seth and Summer

Seth and Summer tied the knot on May 20th and oh what a splendid wedding it was! These two avid fly fishermen who love all things outdoors delivered one heck of a party! Their charming personality shone bright, from Summer riding in side saddle on her horse, to branding a slab of wood together as part of the ceremony, it was just such a neat day! She looked timeless in her gown and exuded such beauty and style! They were such a laid-back couple it made the day fun and relaxing! Laughter was abundant and you can really tell these two were just made for each other! I just adored the country touches in the barn such as their cake that looked like a tree stump, and their fly fishing rods used as decoration, how cool is that?! It was great to also see the wedding party take a photo holding their shotguns, I loved it! This wedding was nothing short of amazing and they partied all the way to the end! Best wishes to these two down home kids on a fun-filled future together! Sorry folks, now there’s two less fish in the sea 🙂
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5/6/17 Kameron and Ashley

Kameron and Ashley were married at the Ranch on May 6th; they went with the upbeat color of Malibu blue and it positively showcased a blend of elegance and fun! Ashley was a flawless bride, I just loved her dress! This couple, along with their family and friends, were such a fun-loving group; it was apparent a great time was had by all! Family came from near and far, and they were fortunate enough to have 3 sets of grandparents attend along with their 94 year old Grandma coming from Salt Lake City! Every tiny detail from the head table to the food table were fashioned perfectly thanks to Kameron’s mom Cheryl who did it all; I especially loved the fruit arrangement that was cascading down from the metal pail that was so creative! I adored their flawless wedding cake as well that was made by Bobbies Creative Cakes; it certainly added to this chic affair! This wedding was set out to be a positively stylish event, and It absolutely was! Looking at their photos will have you saying “wow!” Congratulations to an adoring couple, Kameron and Ashley we wish you unconditional love and happiness in your new life!


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5/1/17 Amy And Adam, May Day Wedding

What a fantastic way to kick off a new month here at TBS Ranch with Amy and Adam getting married on the first of May! A serviceman who finally married the love of his life! These two were adorable together.  Amy was glowing and made a lovely bride, and with spring in full bloom the various shades of purple she chose were a perfect way to blend in with the beautiful California sun! This wedding was filled with many tiny details that were noticed in every square inch of the barn! Their wedding planner, Valinda, did a great job making Amy’s dream barn come alive, adding all these lovely touches; from the tulle bows wrapped perfectly on every chair, to the cake corner with lights twined in branches. I love when the barn lights up and this wedding certainly did just that!  It was a simple elegant wedding that really showcased the beauty of this spring day.  Adam and Amy, thank you for letting TBS Ranch host your special day!  Your beautiful wedding and commitment to each other will be forever remembered here!  Congratulations and cheers to a happy, loving life together!     IMG_0361IMG_0345IMG_0346IMG_1077IMG_0353IMG_0357IMG_0354IMG_0353IMG_0366IMG_0349IMG_1082 2IMG_0326IMG_1096IMG_1089IMG_1132IMG_1091IMG_1096IMG_1082IMG_0378IMG_1130IMG_1072IMG_1122IMG_0372

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