4/16/17 Cory and Karlie Outdoor wedding Venue Barn Weddings

A little rain didn’t dampen the spirits of these party animals!  Cory and Karlie celebrated their special day on Sunday, April 16th, and while the afternoon rain altered their plans, it did not stop them from having a great time!  You can feel this couple’s affection towards eachother and it just radiates among the people that love them.  With TBS barn’s blank slate, Cory and Karlie were able to create what looked like an elegant night club with furniture and cocktail tables placed all around.  With their large letters spelling LOVE on the south side of the barn it truly felt like you were someplace else!  I also adored the table with succulents and honey as wedding favors for the guests!  This group partied all night, and Cory and Karlie even broke out some choreographed dance moves, it was awesome! The energy in and among the crowd stayed strong up until the end.  This was a fabulous way to close another weekend on the ranch, and judging by the weather you could tell someone special was looking down on them.  Best wishes to Cory and Karlie for a lifetime of love and happiness!

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4/15/17 Rod and Kelley Barn venue, Nor Cal Barn wedding,Outdoor wedding

This charming country inspired wedding took place on a sunny April 15th!  For almost 17 years Rod and Kelley have been sweethearts, how special to finally celebrate their love on this day with family and friends!  It was a beautiful ceremony, and having Kelley’s brother give her away was heartfelt by everyone. Together they have 9 fantastic kids who all participated in the ceremony as well as 2 adorable grand daughters. Great food was provided by Maxwell’s, and after dinner came the dancing!  Kelley was glowing on the dance floor her gown complimented her beauty.  It was obvious this was true love, her and Rod are just the best of friends!  The entire family was so nice and respectful, they really made this a magical day! It was an honor to host such a great group of people.  We wish nothing but the best for this seriously AWESOME couple!  Congratulations Rod and Kelley, Hope you had a great time honey mooning in Lake Tahoe!!
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Laborers’ Local 185 Annual Picnic

April 8th hosted another fun annual spring picnic for Laborers’ Local 185! It was a great relaxing day with plenty of local union members coming together to visit and share stories.  Clive of Redding BBQ Catering provided excellent food, while “The Barn Door- Elegance & Rust Event Rentals” provided all the beautiful decorations for the delicious dessert bar.  A balloon clown added some entertainment to the day too!  Robert D. Leslie of Redding, and Thomas Weidel of Corning were both acknowledged for a respectable 58 years of service each, amazing!  Several members couldn’t join in the day’s festivities but were honored for their years as well.  It was overall a wonderful day celebrating the working men and women, and their families!  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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4/1/17 Becky and Justin, Redding barn Weddings, Barn venue

Justin and Becky tied the knot on the 1st of April, a lovely spring day!  This was an enjoyable gathering, and friends and family came as far as Idaho to attend this rustic country affair! Jessica, who was not only the Mother of the Groom but also the wedding planner and designer, created touches that simply captured the essence of the day! From using Becky’s late Grandpa’s vintage 1934 Ford Phaeton for photos, to the fresh flowers on every table, this wedding exuded country charm. Justin’s father, Mike, also had a handle on the cooking and it was incredible!  With the help of their parents, personalitywas seen in every detail of the day.  I adored Becky’s bridal bouquet which featured an attractive combination of greenery and roses, with just a glimpse of a pheasant feather!  She looked striking in her gown, and Justin certainly cleaned up nice yet still embodied the country style. These two simply complement one another and it shows, this was a perfect day all around!  Thank you Laura for sharing such great photos!!  Congratulations Justin and Becky, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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3/25/17 Brittany and Alex-Redding Wedding venue, Outdoor wedding venue Redding

What an honor to share Brittany and Alex’s wedding day for my first event blog! This wedding surpassed elegance, and Brittany was a radiant bride.  I had a blast working  with Gwen Edwardson and Ashley Jones from Gwen Edwardson events, They made my job effortless, and did amazing work turning Brittany’s dream wedding into reality. Gwen incorporated a glamorous touch; from the rose gold table coverings, to the soft sheer viole draperies, it created a perfectly magical day. Pure elegance was seen in every space of the barn! They were a great group of fun loving people and it was apparent that a good time was had by all. Thank you for letting us share in your beautiful day! We wish this lovely couple the very best!! Congratulations Brittany and Alex!!!

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3/17/17 A new season begins at TBS……

When a couple embarks upon the journey of marriage, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Every aspect contributing to the perfect wedding day receives careful thought, and selecting a wedding venue is considerably the most important one.  Shane and Stephanie have poured their heart and soul into TBS Ranch for 13 years and have created an amazing ability to simply inspire people.  From the gorgeous location, to the equally beautiful indoor and outdoor space, TBS has been a place of magic that couples dream of for their wedding day.  As the difficult decision it was for Shane and Stephanie to leave this business, it was apparent they wanted to find new owners with the same ambition. This is Tina, and as Dave and I go into our first wedding season under this new ownership, we are thankful for the knowledge and inspiration that has been passed onto us by this power duo.  We look forward to upholding the passion and drive for TBS Ranch, and helping create lasting memories of a couple’s new life together.



3/18/17 Hillari and Doyle – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Barn Wedding

Congratulations to Hillari and Doyle!  What a great event for the new owners of the TBS Ranch, Dave and Tina!  Not to mention a fantastic season opener, and last event for me!  As most of you that are reading this know, Shane and I sold the ranch.  We turned the reigns over to Dave and Tina and are so excited for them to carry on the tradition of the TBS Ranch weddings!

Enough about that, now the important details, like how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Hillari was!  Oh my goodness this girl glowed (=  Such a natural beauty and has the most easy going attitude.  They both were just the most easy going laid back people, and you could just tell that they enjoy each other so much.  We loved being a part of this classy event. I took some pictures and hope that you enjoy them.

We wish this LOVELY couple the very very best!

11/19/16 – Arizona and Jeremy – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Wedding Barn Venue, Palo Cedro, Barn Wedding

Congratulations to Arizona and Jeremy!  What a great crowd to close out our 2016 wedding season!  FUN people, and so nice.  When I met with Arizona and Jeremy back in March and they booked November, they knew that they had a good chance of rain on their day.  They were totally fine with that, and even hoped that it would rain a little.  They wanted a fall feel.  Well, they got their rain!  We have broken a long going record for barn weddings at the TBS Ranch!  We have had more in 2016 than any other year.  So much for the drought, and thank goodness we have the barn to keep everyone dry!  Arizona, Jeremy, and Suszette, Arizona’s mom, visited the ranch on one of the rain days, I think 10/15?  When I saw them, Suszette told me that the long term forecast was showing snow on their day!  They were excited that it might snow, but I’m happy that they just had rain.  I’ve had a few snow weddings in past years, and rain is much easier to tolerate!  The snow is pretty though.

This wedding was LOVELY.  It had such a classy yet festive vibe.  The weather helped create a romantic fall feel.  LOVED the red which really threw off the festive feel.  All in all a very wonderful day for such wonderful people, and we wish them the very best!!!

ps….I had to leave early that day so Bobbie, the host that day, took some AWESOME pictures which she shared with me.  You will be able to tell which pictures she took compared to mine because she has such a creative flair that I am envious of.  Thanks so much Bobbie!

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11/12/16 – DJ and Ben – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Outdoor Wedding Venue


Congratulations to DJ and Ben!!!  Oh my goodness I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this couple!  When I met with them at the ranch for a tour, I knew that they were the PERFECT fit for the TBS Ranch.  They are relaxed yet so classy, chic, and FUN.  Their admiration and love for each other is deep.  It is apparent and so very refreshing.  It was a true honor to have been a part of their day, and we wish this AMAZING couple the very best!!!!!

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11/11/16 – Cassidy and Ethan – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Cassidy and Ethan!!!!  This wedding was beautiful!  I worked mostly with Cassidy’s mom, Michelle, and they had Kayla Bass from Veiled in Vintage coordinate.  Kayla did a fantastic job with the coordination and decor!  It was so classy, but in a relaxed not stuffy way.  All in all I think I can add this wedding to my low maintenance list.  It was so easy on my behalf but made me look good!  I feel like I cheated when this happens (=

We wish this lovely couple the very best!

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