11/19/16 – Arizona and Jeremy – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Wedding Barn Venue, Palo Cedro, Barn Wedding

Congratulations to Arizona and Jeremy!  What a great crowd to close out our 2016 wedding season!  FUN people, and so nice.  When I met with Arizona and Jeremy back in March and they booked November, they knew that they had a good chance of rain on their day.  They were totally fine with that, and even hoped that it would rain a little.  They wanted a fall feel.  Well, they got their rain!  We have broken a long going record for barn weddings at the TBS Ranch!  We have had more in 2016 than any other year.  So much for the drought, and thank goodness we have the barn to keep everyone dry!  Arizona, Jeremy, and Suszette, Arizona’s mom, visited the ranch on one of the rain days, I think 10/15?  When I saw them, Suszette told me that the long term forecast was showing snow on their day!  They were excited that it might snow, but I’m happy that they just had rain.  I’ve had a few snow weddings in past years, and rain is much easier to tolerate!  The snow is pretty though.

This wedding was LOVELY.  It had such a classy yet festive vibe.  The weather helped create a romantic fall feel.  LOVED the red which really threw off the festive feel.  All in all a very wonderful day for such wonderful people, and we wish them the very best!!!

ps….I had to leave early that day so Bobbie, the host that day, took some AWESOME pictures which she shared with me.  You will be able to tell which pictures she took compared to mine because she has such a creative flair that I am envious of.  Thanks so much Bobbie!

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11/12/16 – DJ and Ben – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Outdoor Wedding Venue


Congratulations to DJ and Ben!!!  Oh my goodness I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this couple!  When I met with them at the ranch for a tour, I knew that they were the PERFECT fit for the TBS Ranch.  They are relaxed yet so classy, chic, and FUN.  Their admiration and love for each other is deep.  It is apparent and so very refreshing.  It was a true honor to have been a part of their day, and we wish this AMAZING couple the very best!!!!!

img_2230 img_2231 img_2234 img_2235 img_2236 img_2238 img_2245 img_2248 img_2251 img_2259 img_2262 img_2264 img_2266 img_2270 img_2277 img_2278 img_2282 img_2284 img_2287 img_2288 img_2310 img_2311 img_2312 img_2313 img_2314 img_2315 img_2316 img_2317 img_2318 img_2319 img_2320 img_2321 img_2331 img_2335 img_2340 img_2349 img_2352 img_2354 img_2355 img_2360 img_2377 img_2380 img_2384 img_2399 img_2424 img_2429 img_2432


11/11/16 – Cassidy and Ethan – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Cassidy and Ethan!!!!  This wedding was beautiful!  I worked mostly with Cassidy’s mom, Michelle, and they had Kayla Bass from Veiled in Vintage coordinate.  Kayla did a fantastic job with the coordination and decor!  It was so classy, but in a relaxed not stuffy way.  All in all I think I can add this wedding to my low maintenance list.  It was so easy on my behalf but made me look good!  I feel like I cheated when this happens (=

We wish this lovely couple the very best!

img_2049 img_2051 img_2053 img_2058 img_2069 img_2072 img_2074 img_2078 img_2089 img_2091 img_2098 img_2099 img_2103 img_2105 img_2106 img_2112 img_2114 img_2115 img_2116 img_2119 img_2120 img_2123 img_2125 img_2130 img_2140 img_2154 img_2157 img_2160 img_2182 img_2192 img_2194 img_2201 img_2205 img_2210 img_2214 img_2216 img_2221 img_2226 img_2227

11/10/16-Simpson University Hay Day-Redding Event Venue, Redding Barn Venue

Had a total blast hosting Simpson University’s Hay Day!!!  Events like this keep my young!

They usually have it at the Simpson Campus, but decided to do something different this year and I’m so happy they did!  FUN FUN FUN!  I’m hoping that they come back next year (=

img_2026 img_2031 img_2036

11/6/16 – Breanna and Jason – Redding Wedding Venue

img_0447Congratulations to Breanna and Jason!!!!  I have had my fair share of low maintenance weddings this year, and this one gets added to my list.  I met with Breanna and Jason about a year ago, they booked, and then I didn’t see them again until their rehearsal the day before their wedding!  They are just so easy going and relaxed, and their day was the PERFECT reflection of them.  Not fussy, but very classy and relaxed.  I had a lot of fun chatting with their family morning of set up.  Everyone was there for the right reasons, and it is clear that this couple has their priorities in order, their family is strong!

I had to leave early this day, so was unable to stay through the ceremony.  Kathie, the host that day, took some AMAZING photos for me.  Thanks Kathie!  You are better at this than I am.

We wish this lovely couple the very best!!!!

fullsizerender img_0440 img_0442 img_0444 img_0447 img_0455 img_0457 img_0459 img_0461 img_1981 img_1985 img_1986 img_1988 img_1989 img_1990 img_1993 img_1996 img_1997 img_2003 img_2007

11/5/16 – Jennifer and Ian – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Jennifer and Ian!!!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with Jennier!  She is SOOOOO talented.  She is a photographer, so creative by trade, and her skills really came through on planning her wedding.  It was STUNNING!  Everything about this day was perfect!  Bride, groom, weather, EVERYTHING!  The fall vibe fit so well with Jennifer’s theme.  This day was just so amazing, I don’t really have words.  Hopefully the photos I took will capture the magic!

We wish this LOVELY couple the very best!!!

img_1750 img_1762 img_1764 img_1765 img_1766 img_1768 img_1770 img_1774 img_1777 img_1780 img_1783 img_1788 img_1789 img_1790 img_1791 img_1792 img_1794 img_1796 img_1798 img_1800 img_1801 img_1803 img_1805 img_1808 img_1811 img_1821 img_1830 img_1844 img_1845 img_1848 img_1849 img_1853 img_1858 img_1862 img_1863 img_1864 img_1879 img_1885 img_1911 img_1914 img_1915 img_1916 img_1920 img_1934 img_1939 img_1941 img_1944 img_1950 img_1963 img_1965 img_1966 img_1968 img_1974 img_1976

10/30/16-Jennifer and Kevin – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Barn Wedding Venue


10/30/16-Congratulaitons to Jennifer and Kevin!!!  Jennifer and Kevin had their engagement party at the ranch a while back, so I have known them for a while and I can’t tell you how happy I am for them!  They are truly committed to each other and it was such an honor to have been a part of their day.

LOVED the way that Jennifer brought Halloween into the decor in such a wedding appropriate classy way.  Theirs was yet another rain day, thus barn wedding vs outside.  It rained so HARD that day.  They are sure to reap the benefits of that good old rain on the weeding day luck!  With that rain, they will have plenty of it (=

We wish this lovely couple the very best!

img_1654 img_1655 img_1657 img_1660 img_1662 img_1663 img_1665 img_1667 img_1669 img_1673 img_1679 img_1683 img_1684 img_1685 img_1687 img_1690 img_1692 img_1694 img_1697 img_1702 img_1704 img_1707 img_1713 img_1716 img_1720 img_1726 img_1731 img_1733

10/29/16-Meaggan and Kyle – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Wedding Barn Venue


Congratulations to Meaggan and Kyle!  This wedding was beyond words stunning, and the vibe AMAZING!  It was another indoor / barn wedding at the TBS Ranch, and personally I LOVE the BARN weddings.  Mostly because they are different for me and the romantic feel of the rain.  JUST LOVELY!

Meaggan and Kyle are not local, so I didn’t get to know them much.  I totally enjoyed working with Faydra, Meaggan’s mom, and they had Gwen Edwardson Events coordinate.  Anyone that follows my blog knows how much I love Gwen.  She is so talented at taking a vision and brining it to life.  I will let the pictures of this lovely wedding do the talking, and we wish Meaggan and Kyle the VERY best!

img_1508 img_1510 img_1511 img_1512 img_1513 img_1516 img_1517 img_1519 img_1520 img_1522 img_1524 img_1526 img_1528 img_1529 img_1531 img_1533 img_1537 img_1539 img_1541 img_1543 img_1547 img_1548 img_1552 img_1559 img_1560 img_1561 img_1562 img_1567 img_1574 img_1579 img_1584 img_1586 img_1591 img_1604 img_1611 img_1618 img_1621 img_1627 img_1631 img_1632 img_1640


10/22/16 – Brittany and Nate – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Brittany and Nate!!!  This day was AMAZING!  The vibe was so perfectly fall, and the weather so perfect it just had an awesome feel.  With the trees starting to change, and the flower centerpieces, the fall vibe was prevalent.  It was really so beautiful!

Brittany and Nate are such a lovely couple.  So easy going and relatable.  Their friends and family were also so very nice.  The day all in all was the perfect reflection of this lovely couple, and we wish them the very best!!!

img_1330 img_1331 img_1338 img_1342 img_1345 img_1346 img_1349 img_1350 img_1355 img_1358 img_1362 img_1364 img_1367 img_1369 img_1373 img_1375 img_1377 img_1379 img_1380 img_1384 img_1387 img_1399 img_1401 img_1411 img_1415 img_1428 img_1442 img_1458 img_1460 img_1464 img_1465 img_1469 img_1470 img_1479 img_1481 img_1485

10/16/16 – Lysandra and Jerry – Redding Wedding Venue, Redding Barn Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Lysandra and Jerry!!!!  Lysandra was a VERY low maintenance bride on my behalf, so I didn’t get to know her well, but what I can tell you for certain is that she is so sweet!  Lysandra wins the award for sweetest bride of 2016.  Not only is she the sweetest ever, her family and guests are so nice and respectful.  They were there to support Lysandra and Jerry, and that was evident.

Their wedding was another barn wedding at the TBS Ranch!  The weather was better than the day before, but still not good enough for an outdoor ceremony.  It was so stunning, and was the perfect reflection of Lysandra’s sweetness and elegance.  She was such a beautiful bride…beyond words stunning!  I’m sure that Jerry knows what a lucky man he is.

The ceremony was in Spanish, so I didn’t understand what was being said, but I didn’t have to understand the words to see the meaning.  It was very special, and I feel so honored and blessed to have been a part of their day.  We wish them the very best!!!!

img_1155 img_1159 img_1160 img_1164 img_1166 img_1167 img_1183 img_1185 img_1190 img_1194 img_1202 img_1207 img_1212 img_1223