4/8/18 KIXE Volunteer BBQ

On Friday, April 6th, TBS hosted the annual KIXE Volunteer Appreciation BBQ!  This great event was put together by Christy Bartlett, the KIXE Special Events Coordinator.  These types of events make you stop for a moment and really appreciate all the hard work these volunteers give in their free time. Volunteering in this capacity helps KIXE continue their mission to educate, enrich and enlighten the Northstate community.  “Volunteer of the Month” certificates were handed out as well as a “Volunteer of the Year” plaque!  Cute country checkered cloths were laid out on each table and a tasty dinner prepared by Cheryl and her crew from Star Spangled Catering.  Jon from Netsound provided a photo booth, singer song writer, Kelly Ann entertained everyone with her “Soul Folk”, music, http://www.kellyannmusic.com.  She was amazing!! It was a wonderful addition to the event!  We want to thank KIXE for choosing TBS as their event venue this year.  We hope you continue to take on volunteers of all ages that help provide amazing things for all of Northern California!




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3/23/18 Judy and Dan

On Friday night, March 23rd, TBS had the privilege of hosting a 50th wedding anniversary for the nicest couple, Judy and Dan. The couple of the hour arrived in style in Stan McCurdy’s beautiful 1940 ragtop Ford. Their children- John, Bobbie, and Barbara, helped pull this amazing event together to recreate a memorable day for their parents. Friends and family traveled from near and far to show their love. Touches of gold could be found in every corner of the room, giving the barn a warm glow and reflecting the warmth this couple shared over the last half of a century. They said their vows on March 23rd, 1968 and how amazing to have a celebration this many years later and have all their bridesmaids, groomsmen and close family attend! Jack Singleton Music was the entertainment for the evening, singing songs old and new, including recreating their first dance number from 50 years ago. It was a wonderful day to reflect upon their time together as Husband and Wife with story after story being told! The big surprise of the night came after a delicious meal, when the large barn doors opened to a gift of a 1965 El Camino presented to Dan and Judy by their son John which left no dry eye in the room! There were cheers, tears and laughter as they both took a seat inside the car sealing it with a sweet kiss. This was exactly like the car they went on their first date in which was so special! I love that we are able to celebrate many different types of events out on the Ranch, and having this anniversary party just reminds us of how marriage is forever! Judy and Dan, congratulations on 50 wonderful years as a married couple! What a triumph!





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3/22/18 Veronica and Logan

Yay!  Here we are jumping right into our 2018 season, and how exciting for Veronica and Logan to be our first wedding!  They were married at the Ranch on a beautiful Thursday, March 22nd.  The day was very unpredictable in regards to weather; we were expecting a torrential downpour the entire day!  Low and behold the morning brought showers but cleared up just one hour before the ceremony!  It brought way to a lovely warm sun that shone brightly on our beautiful bride. She was absolutely stunning! Veronica’s dad walked her down the brand new staircase entrance into a gathering of guests that all stood around her and Logan.  The ceremony was heartfelt with the Bride and Groom each presenting a rose to their mothers as a symbol they would always be in their hearts.  It was a very easy going afternoon with guests mingling before dinner and then an evening filled with fun dancing!  The dance crowd kept the party going until the very end; at this point, Veronica and Logan then exited the barn surrounded by family and friends and got into a limo!  We are so happy with how their day turned out, Veronica and Logan we wish you a heartfelt congratulations!    F6pPIBVQRkqs7x3zzIZemgf8x2vA70QOqrUEvjBDu6lAOkJUtqgrQVmjdbALCM2ycQhob9Y2hQRs2ssHekIs+LgwFQeSL1FOQCyA9HNAoO+ydwLPrDK+7XQtefdbgI0bxudQiZaURVPuQvOrtyU9Mh78GQTkygjQcWQfqxqJ4FlypEZwcO6qTNU7SsqM1TKgrhwzvQIMG_2869IMG_2870N3klnz%WSUCtQ8IzJIPwIwjOPV+Xh7TRep0setvFoqlQwrwd3NbSTYaodsHeN3rvawgw3Y5tOjT4SapnxmpOkneQPuS++43RR5OjmKEcpJz48QKAy37HZNRP631C2SB8%bYgQx2LhklZRrGr4suVC3wCHQnxdBOzD4RD+OicwrTh9FtwbzSuYPxUQQG2+YhN4uqpNw8YP7UW0oT0GyUVVk06Yr0gl+rCBq1cSjycH6gTuLOhagBHGP+wd+ThGXJ3mdN9MKwg5pasqKqmSxycExIFHrU4bwwrWdEHjOR8ekRcfctlkkPQk+dkP2uDQ4up8HIKVNYiaAkJs%V3v2Tc2XuW6UIBB6BQ471ZIfurTK2QWFHc7ga0pwnUSjLo39SwyKOlsk92YdDApxZXkuXqSKqpR9Mw%jHamQ0E4GlqtgRSud6B2UjT3skAd6gcr1mJSYqbPYgm6jDAnQWl7iN+fhQ8ePVgY786ew+gpx77ZPLoTZ6IdTqtGoeZWgOWOIOxJzSM6hxM%iuxNlhQUnknown-2

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11/16/17 Taylor and Zach

Taylor and Zach were our last TBS Ranch wedding event of the year on Thursday, November 16th!  What a fantastic way to cap the season with these two young individuals that are just so full of heart and love!  Taylor has such a beauty about her and she was glowing as her Grandpa walked her down the aisle.  Both Taylor and Zach had some very genuine words to say about eachother; there were certainly no tears held back! With the added touches and help from Morgan of My Dear Weddings, Wedding planning, it was just beautiful.  We loved the fall aura around the barn that day and everything flowed together so well.  Guest tables gave off a vintage vibe and each one had a slightly different look to it.  Lots of fresh flowers and a natural setting certainly gave this day such a relaxed feel.  A nice dinner with some heartfelt speeches led us into the night.  There was plenty of dancing mixed with laughter and smiles all through the evening, I enjoyed every bit of it!  This group really made this day fantastic!  Taylor and Zach, it was such a pleasure to host your wedding and we wish the two of you nothing but happiness and profound love in your new journey together!Unknown-7UnknownIMG_5289 3Unknown-5Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-2Unknown-1IMG_5327 (1)IMG_5329IMG_5279IMG_5275unknown-21Unknown-1UnknownUnknown-4Unknown-1Unknown-2Unknown-4Unknown-3Unknown-3IMG_5267IMG_5308 3Unknown-6IMG_2429IMG_2418IMG_5317 (1)IMG_5309 (1)IMG_2418IMG_2423 (1)IMG_2428 (1)IMG_5278 (1)IMG_5282IMG_2418IMG_2412 (1)IMG_2440

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11/12/17 Bailey and Wyatt

Bailey and Wyatt sealed their union on a beautiful Sunday, November 12th!  What a sweet couple these two are; so much love and warmth just radiated off them.  Their journey began as childhood friends and over the course of many years led them to become partners for life. Bailey walked down the aisle dressed in her Grandmother’s vintage gown, and my how gorgeous she looked in it!  Wyatt looked as handsome as ever waiting for her at the end of the aisle where an eye-catching custom made 9 foot cross was stationed.  It’s amazing how some weddings can inflict so many emotions and truly in this one God was felt everywhere.  A lovely tribute to those in Heaven was located in the barn which contained beautiful wings with names hanging off branches.  The guest tables were a lovely shade of gray adorned with rose gold chargers and a simple white pumpkin as the centerpiece.  Everyone young and old danced through the night it was certainly a good time!  It was a night to remember for this young married couple; Bailey and Wyatt we want to thank you for celebrating your beautiful wedding with us at TBS! We wish you a blessed marriage filled with love and laughter! IMG_5116IMG_5117IMG_5125IMG_5105IMG_5109IMG_5106IMG_5110IMG_5107IMG_5111IMG_5113IMG_5101IMG_5131IMG_5092IMG_5148IMG_5150IMG_5152IMG_5153IMG_5156IMG_5158IMG_5162IMG_5165IMG_5173IMG_5177IMG_5186IMG_5187IMG_5188IMG_5190IMG_5192IMG_5137 2IMG_5138IMG_5141IMG_5151IMG_5194IMG_5196IMG_5197IMG_5198IMG_5201IMG_5233IMG_5236IMG_5238IMG_5244

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11/11/17 Bri and Chad

Bri and Chad decided on Saturday, November 11th to say their “I do’s”, and it was such a perfect fall day. A large majority of these lovebirds’ family and friends traveled from the Bay Area, and just a little more south, in what used to be my old stomping grounds! Chad’s Great Grandfather’s restored 1955 Chevy 1/2 ton was used on his 11 acre prune farm in Old Almaden in San Jose where Chad and his groomsmen grew up, while the Gonzalez family on Bri’s side originated from Gilroy and Hollister! Bri looked enchanting in her gown with matching tiara, and Chad was looking sharp in his attire. I loved the country vibe exuding from the wedding party and how navy blue was used so strong in and among the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The cowboy and cowgirl boots along with rustic antler decorations really set the country attitude over the top, it was great! This party went well into the evening and no doubt the guests were enjoying themselves! There was a lot of boot stomping and country dancing mixed with crowd pleasing Mexican dancing music, getting everyone on the dance floor thanks to Net Sound. A huge thank you to Jeff Hall Photography (you can tell which photos are his)  for letting me use his beautiful work for the blog, he sure captured some amazing moments! The whole day was beautiful and ran smoothly thanks to Delphine from The 530 Bride, event coordinating. Bri and Chad, what a privilege it was of ours to host your beautiful wedding here at the Ranch. We are very happy for the two of you and wish you plenty of years filled with happiness and love!
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11/6/17 Christie and Nathan

Christie and Nathan created a fun, peacock style themed wedding on Monday, November 6th!  This day was wrapped with love and DIY every which way of the barn!  Christie looked happy in love in her bridal gown she made herself; lace shouldered sleeves with a corset bodice was so fitting for this free spirit!  Nathan was wearing dark purple accents, along with his groomsmen, to tie into the peacock decorations…it was so great!  The creativity was flowing all around the barn, from the dessert table to the wedding card luggage case that was entwined with purples, teal and gold.  It really created a unique evening that was enjoyable by all who attended!  The rich lustrous hue and delicate silhouette of the feathers made every square inch of the barn pop with color!  Christie and Nathan chose to say their vows inside the barn which is a fun alternative to the outside setup; it was a crisp and cool evening so it was a perfect choice!  We had a lovely time hosting this warm couple here at the Ranch.  Christie and Nathan we hope the two of you have a wonderful married life together, enjoy it all!IMG_2233IMG_2234IMG_2236IMG_2237IMG_2240IMG_2241IMG_2252IMG_2254IMG_2243IMG_2247IMG_2255IMG_2256IMG_2267IMG_2268IMG_2269IMG_2270IMG_2271IMG_2276IMG_2278IMG_2279IMG_2284IMG_2285

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11/4/17 Jordann and Layn

Jordann and Layn chose Saturday, November 4 to forever promise their love for one another!  What a beautiful day we had out at the Ranch for this great couple!  Jordann was a beauty in ivory lace, and Layn was so strapping in his western wedding attire; together they looked stunning.  The entire wedding party was correlating in navy, dark grey and denim…it all went together so well and made for some nice photos!  Jordann and Layn, with the help of their family, created a beautiful motif in the barn comprising of navy tablecloths with white china and red roses.  The accents of the flowers gave the barn a fun pop!  These simple yet elegant decorations, meshed well with the beautiful natural setting of the barn.  I loved the use of the rustic beverage station that Jordann’s father built, it really tied into the country feel of everything.  It was such a fun day and we truly felt like everyone had the best time!  Another fantastic wedding for the books!  Jordann and Layn, thank you so much for giving us the honor of hosting your wedding here at TBS.  Congratulations and hope you settle down into a new routine of Husband and wife!


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10/28/17 Casey and Jason

Casey and Jason celebrated their wedding day on October 28th at the Ranch!  This was such a lovely time to have a wedding, the weather couldn’t have been better for this fall day.  Casey was beautiful in her gown she wore for the ceremony, and her brother walked her down the aisle!  For the reception she decided to change and wore a more comfortable dancing dress that looked just as beautiful!    The gals all wore red while holding sunflowers and it was so fitting with the colors Casey chose for the barn!  Combinations of black and red for the guest tables looked top notch; every place setting had the napkin shaped like a rose it was really unique! When it came time for the wedding party toasting this Bride and Groom, a special announcement was made by Jason and Casey to their kids, a family honeymoon and a 10 day cruise.  The dessert area with their cake was wonderful as well…something had to fuel this party to keep them going all evening!  These folks danced the night away and everyone really looked like they were having the best time!  It was Casey and Jason’s perfect day.  We at TBS want to wish the two of you a happy congratulations and a joyous marriage!     22829906_1797482463627727_6383985962704195384_oIMG_4655IMG_4572IMG_4575IMG_4579IMG_4578IMG_4581IMG_4584IMG_4585IMG_4586IMG_4588IMG_4591IMG_4593IMG_4597IMG_4598IMG_4600IMG_4606IMG_4609IMG_4612IMG_4630IMG_4648

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10/26/17 Torynne and Miles

It can take many months, up to over a year for couples to completely design and fulfil their dream wedding.  Torynne and Miles decided a mere 6 weeks before October 26th that they wanted their wedding to be at the Ranch!  I have never seen a wedding so beautiful be planned in such a short amount of time!  This evening was perfect for these two, I just loved it!  Torynne had a striking cap sleeve, open back bridal dress that looked gorgeous on her, and Miles looked amazing as well; they did a first look before the ceremony and it was special to witness. After the bridesmaids made their entrance over the bridge, the sounds of a bag pipe player were heard, leading in a beautiful Torynne and her handsome father.  The ceremony was sincere and after that came dinner and fun!  A beautiful sectional couch was brought in and set up outside the barn with blankets so people could relax in the fair fall weather.  Games were set up outside as well such as Jenga and Ladder Toss!  The inside of the barn looked phenomenal, it was so elegant with the darker grey table clothes and glassware and candles everywhere.  I was so happy to have these two wonderful people celebrate their love with us, Torynne and Miles we wish you a beautiful life together as newlyweds!



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