10/28/17 Casey and Jason

Casey and Jason celebrated their wedding day on October 28th at the Ranch!  This was such a lovely time to have a wedding, the weather couldn’t have been better for this fall day.  Casey was beautiful in her gown she wore for the ceremony, and her brother walked her down the aisle!  For the reception she decided to change and wore a more comfortable dancing dress that looked just as beautiful!    The gals all wore red while holding sunflowers and it was so fitting with the colors Casey chose for the barn!  Combinations of black and red for the guest tables looked top notch; every place setting had the napkin shaped like a rose it was really unique! When it came time for the wedding party toasting this Bride and Groom, a special announcement was made by Jason and Casey to their kids, a family honeymoon and a 10 day cruise.  The dessert area with their cake was wonderful as well…something had to fuel this party to keep them going all evening!  These folks danced the night away and everyone really looked like they were having the best time!  It was Casey and Jason’s perfect day.  We at TBS want to wish the two of you a happy congratulations and a joyous marriage!     22829906_1797482463627727_6383985962704195384_oIMG_4655IMG_4572IMG_4575IMG_4579IMG_4578IMG_4581IMG_4584IMG_4585IMG_4586IMG_4588IMG_4591IMG_4593IMG_4597IMG_4598IMG_4600IMG_4606IMG_4609IMG_4612IMG_4630IMG_4648

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10/26/17 Torynne and Miles

It can take many months, up to over a year for couples to completely design and fulfil their dream wedding.  Torynne and Miles decided a mere 6 weeks before October 26th that they wanted their wedding to be at the Ranch!  I have never seen a wedding so beautiful be planned in such a short amount of time!  This evening was perfect for these two, I just loved it!  Torynne had a striking cap sleeve, open back bridal dress that looked gorgeous on her, and Miles looked amazing as well; they did a first look before the ceremony and it was special to witness. After the bridesmaids made their entrance over the bridge, the sounds of a bag pipe player were heard, leading in a beautiful Torynne and her handsome father.  The ceremony was sincere and after that came dinner and fun!  A beautiful sectional couch was brought in and set up outside the barn with blankets so people could relax in the fair fall weather.  Games were set up outside as well such as Jenga and Ladder Toss!  The inside of the barn looked phenomenal, it was so elegant with the darker grey table clothes and glassware and candles everywhere.  I was so happy to have these two wonderful people celebrate their love with us, Torynne and Miles we wish you a beautiful life together as newlyweds!



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10/21/17 Rachael and Nick

Here we have Rachael and Nick, who utilized Gwen Edwardson Events to create a gorgeous wedding day on October 21st!  What a fantastic day to celebrate these two people who found love in each other while going to UC Santa Barbara!  It was a day to remember here at the Ranch and while we were expecting some rain during the day, it never quite showed up, thank goodness!  Rachael looked so pretty in her bridal gown and I just loved her veil that extended all the way to the floor!  Bouquets upon bouquets of fresh flowers were adorned all over the property and Rachael’s bouquet to be specific was the largest one I’d ever seen, it was gorgeous!  A Hammered Dulcimer played upbeat medleys and a mix of cold play songs, which could be heard about the ranch and during  cocktail hour for the guests enjoyment.  The barn was decorated to a tee with everything set up perfectly, it just felt so elegant and happy.  Their cake was amazingly created by Sublime Cake Designs and not only were the top two tiers edible, but the barrel was edible too!  There was so much fun and dancing for this entire group, we were so happy to host such a fun and upbeat crowd!  Rachael and Nick we are so elated the two of you chose to marry at the Ranch, warmest wishes for a lifetime of health and happiness!IMG_4242IMG_4246IMG_4249IMG_4250IMG_4256IMG_4258IMG_4265IMG_4269IMG_4271IMG_4402IMG_4405IMG_4412IMG_4414IMG_4274IMG_4275IMG_4300IMG_4302IMG_4304IMG_4311IMG_4313IMG_4317IMG_4300IMG_4302IMG_4304IMG_4324IMG_4326IMG_4328IMG_4333IMG_4336IMG_4342IMG_4358IMG_4362IMG_4245IMG_4429IMG_4442IMG_4465IMG_4502

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10/14/17 Raynelle and Jim

Raynelle and Jim decided to renew their wedding vows and to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a destination wedding at the Ranch on October 14th!  Most of the wedding party and guests were not from the Redding area, but have visited Redding many times over the years. It was a beautiful day to have two people come together and recreate what vows they said many years ago.  Raynelle had a lovely halter style bridal dress that looked fantastic on her, and while her brother Jason walked her down the aisle he also officiated the ceremony!  It was heartfelt vows mixed with touches of laughter that was felt by everyone.  The barn had so many decorations in it, creating quite the party for later in the evening!  Slippers were set up for gals to get comfortable on the dancing floor, while a kids table kept the young ones busy for hours!  Dancing was carried well into the night and the DJ turned into karaoke which was a fun surprise!  Couches with blankets and beautiful chairs were set up to keep guests comfortable and warm into the cooler fall evening, and plenty of desserts were set up to satisfy the sweet tooth!  Raynelle and Jim we wish you congratulations on 25 years, what an accomplishment!  We are so happy you came to the Ranch to celebrate! Thank you T’s candid shots from Anderson for some great photos, and SFK Sign painting for your beautiful work. 22548769_1723330231041807_6639418401257519858_o22548876_1723333644374799_224082204378533729_o22553206_1723332734374890_2217943150850431404_o22555316_1723332471041583_8768697735589282539_o22553310_1723334801041350_2085401834032611958_oIMG_4131


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10/13/17 David and Andrew

David and Andrew chose to say their special vows at the Ranch on Friday, October 13th!  It was such a fabulous day for a celebration of two people joining their lives together and sharing it with friends and family! I have to say, David and Andrew truly are such a warm and kind couple; you could tell how fortunate they are in their lives in terms of love and kindness! Both of them looked top notch in their tuxedos, Andrew in maroon and David in navy; the same fall colors flowed into the barn!  I loved the set up with the wedding party/family table front and center, with David and Andrew at the head of the table, and all the guest tables stationed on each side.  Stylish brown wood chairs were brought in for the ceremony and dinner from “Rustic Charm wedding Rentals” and it really gave the barn that added flair.  Centerpieces consisting of old cigar boxes and flowers were created by Andrew, while his sister made an extraordinary cake!  It gave off an antique vibe and it blended so well with the rest of the decorations.  We want to wish these two a happy marriage filled with lifelong love, congratulations!   Image-1.png-2Image-1.png-4Image-1.png-5Image-1.pngImage-2.pngImage-4.pngImage.png-2Image.png-3



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10/8/17 Victoria and Kyle

Victoria and Kyle created the perfect wedding for themselves on Sunday October 8th!  What lengths this beautiful gal went to creating the wedding of her dreams! It was a fabulous day leading up to a magnificent evening.  Victoria just looked phenomenal in her bridal gown and adding Kyle on her arm put the two of them over the top!  I loved how the bridesmaids were each in a different gown and together the entire wedding party looked great!  Following a sweet ceremony there was a yummy dinner catered by local Mary’s Pizza Shack!  The barn was decorated to the nines with elegant colors ranging from black, maroon, and green; it gave off a very eclectic vibe but it all flowed together so well!  I loved the incredible design of the macramé back drop that was originally on the altar and then fashioned behind the bride and groom in the barn, it was gorgeous!  A lot of work went into creating this perfect day and it was executed flawlessly.  The couple has taken their honeymoon in St. Lucia, what a fantastic way to carry on the fun!  We want to sincerely wish Victoria and Kyle congratulations and cheers to a happy healthy life as man and wife!  Special thanks to Jack Vu Photography for sharing his fantastic photos of this beautiful event. kv-2kv-3kv-4kv-5kv-6kv-10kv-11kv-12kv-15kv-17kv-19kv-27kv-31kv-32kv-44kv-45kv-46kv-47kv-49kv-50kv-51kv-54kv-57kv-60kv-61kv-62kv-63kv-64kv-65kv-67kv-70kv-73kv-74kv-75kv-78kv-79kv-81

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10/7/17 Amber and Zach

Amber and Zach carefully chose Saturday October 7th for their special wedding day!  Family and friends gathered to celebrate these two down to earth individuals becoming one, and what a special fun day it was!  Amber looked timeless in her gown and has a beauty both inside and out, while Zach certainly looked strapping and matched his groomsmen so well.  The entire wedding party coordinated with the men in burlap looking vests and maroon shirts, matching the bridesmaids with their ¾ sleeve dresses in the same colors; it all came together with the feeling of romance and rustic country.  The barn radiated a classic down home feel that was felt welcomed by all who attended.  The atmosphere was topped off with a silly photo booth decked out with wacky hats and shades!  To top it off there was an ice cream truck after dinner creating yummy sweets for the guests!  It was a day to remember for these two and what a fantastic full moon to cap off this fall evening!  Amber and Zach, we truly enjoyed having you both out at the Ranch to celebrate your wedding day and we wish you a happy life together rich in love!



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9/30/17 Mallory and Dan

Another fall shindig went off without a hitch with Mallory and Dan on Saturday, September 30th!  A rustic country wedding with two individuals that are so down to earth and downright “plum crazy” for each other!  Mallory looked like a beautiful blue jean bride with her chambray shirt that “dressed down” her gown giving her such a stylish flair.  Dan was looking like quite a happy man that day and was certainly strapping in his wedding attire.  Between the bridesmaids lace rose gold dresses and their cowgirl boots it certainly conveyed a country elegance vibe.  Such a mix of simplicity and sophistication among all the decorations and touches, it was so easy going yet created such a lovely masterpiece in the barn!  I loved all the deer sheds that were strategically placed among the tables yet the beautiful vases of flowers gave it that delicate feel.  A lot of love was felt on the Ranch and it was overall a purely perfect day.  Mallory and Dan, it was a pleasure to host your special day here at TBS!  We thank you for choosing us and look forward to your bright future as a newly wedded couple!  Congratulations!IMG_3623IMG_3562IMG_3564IMG_3566IMG_3603IMG_3606IMG_3555IMG_3556IMG_3557IMG_3559IMG_3573IMG_3574IMG_3576IMG_3584IMG_3585IMG_3594IMG_3600IMG_3606
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9/23/17 Claudia and Brandon

Our first official fall wedding at TBS kicked off with Claudia and Brandon on a beautiful Saturday, September 23rd!  These two romantics met on an annual houseboat trip and from then on it was love!  They have two beautiful children together and finally deciding to become husband and wife was an easy decision.  Claudia walked down the aisle looking flawless in her gorgeous gown and Brandon was ever so sharp!  The bridesmaid colors and groomsmen tuxedos flowed seamlessly among the bride and groom; hues of purples and sophisticated black and navy made this wedding party pop!  Even the barn had mixed shades of those same rich colors and it truly gave it a modern chic feel.  The cake was beautiful with its neat textured top and bottom layers and the cupcakes looked just as fantastic to boot!  This entire party had a grand time and it was a perfect autumn day with great weather.  We enjoyed hosting this awesome charming couple and their outgoing personalities really made everything about this day fun!  We want to wish Claudia and Brandon a blissful and wonderful life as husband and wife, and hope that you relish in many happy future years together!


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9/16/17 Savannah and Brandon

Savannah and Brandon chose the last weekend of summer at TBS, September 16, 2017! It was such a beautiful day for two young lovebirds to say their vows and start their union as one. Savannah and Brandon have been dating since they were a mere 15 years old, and boy did they know love then! Their relationship continued to grow and blossom and they were naturally beside one another through thick and thin. As a beautiful Savannah walked down the aisle to Brandon you could tell he was overjoyed. Her dress looked flawless and her smile lit up the crowd. The two of them said sweet vows they each chose to write and it was so special. The barn was amazing with decor that complimented a summer’s evening ! Various shades of purple and burgundy were strewn among the barn and on guest tables; they even had a large lock frame that is meant for adding a lock every time a huge life event happens, it was amazing! The Polaroid guestbook was a fun addition too. Savannah and Brandon sure knew how to throw a party, we wish the two of you loving wishes for a future that is bright and together! IMG_3374IMG_3378IMG_3379IMG_3380IMG_3381IMG_3382IMG_3383IMG_3384IMG_3385IMG_3386IMG_3388IMG_3390IMG_3399IMG_3397IMG_3395IMG_3393IMG_3390IMG_337020170916_162240IMG_3348IMG_3347IMG_3345IMG_3343IMG_33423FEA6AD9-

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