10.18.19 Kendra and Chris

Kendra and Chris said their vows on Thursday, October 18th! Kendra was a stunning bride and had a smile on her that just radiated.  She looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle to her loving man Chris who looked sharp in his black pinstripe tux!  The morning of the wedding Chris and his groomsmen took on a lot of the setup to give Kendra a chance to visit with her girls and relax a little.  He made sure to create their perfect day just as how Kendra envisioned it!  The ceremony was officiated by Chris’ brother and following that was the reception with Kendra’s parents taking on the DJ role and playing some great music!  The barn was decorated with statues of whimsical skeleton couples as Kendra really enjoys Halloween! They even had one on their wedding cake and their theme certainly made a striking statement for their guests!  Colors of blue and purple were in and among the decorations, flowers, and bridesmaids dresses and it completely fit with the idea Kendra had.  We want to wish these two a lifetime of love and happiness. We hope you savor in the fact that you’re together forever, congratulations! IMG_5535IMG_5537IMG_5538IMG_5539IMG_5540IMG_5541IMG_5542IMG_5543IMG_5551IMG_5545IMG_5552IMG_5546IMG_5553IMG_5547IMG_5548IMG_5549IMG_5550IMG_5554IMG_5556IMG_5557IMG_5558IMG_5559IMG_5560IMG_5561IMG_5562IMG_5563IMG_5564IMG_5565IMG_5566IMG_5567IMG_5568IMG_5569IMG_5570IMG_5571IMG_5572IMG_5573IMG_5574IMG_5576IMG_5578IMG_5579IMG_5580IMG_5581IMG_5582IMG_5583IMG_5584IMG_5585IMG_5586IMG_5587IMG_5588IMG_5589IMG_5590IMG_5591IMG_5592IMG_5593IMG_5594IMG_5595IMG_5596IMG_5597IMG_5598IMG_5599IMG_5602IMG_5609IMG_5610IMG_5612IMG_5613IMG_5614IMG_5615IMG_5616IMG_5617IMG_5618IMG_5620IMG_5622IMG_5623IMG_5624IMG_5629IMG_5631IMG_5632IMG_5638IMG_5640IMG_5641IMG_5643
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10.14.18 Jodie and Ryan

Jodie and Ryan said their cherished vows on Sunday, October 14th!  I don’t think this day could have been any windier, but despite the weather their celebration went off without a hitch!  Jodie looked amazing in her dress and wow did her makeup look on point; she had such an amazing beautiful aura surrounding her.  Ryan and his groomsmen all had grey suits on with just a pop of color in their ties; I liked how Ryanwore a bowtie to stand out from his best guys.  The color choice for the bridesmaids was an elegant plum, and with their bouquets in hand they looked perfect for a fall wedding.  The barn was nicely decorated all around, and with the addition of a few sequined rose gold tablecloths it added some pizzazz to the place!  Their semi naked cake was surrounded by lush eucalyptus and had a couple delicate roses to bring out the feminine side.  It was a sweet reception and at the end of the night the lovely Mr. and Mrs. said their goodbyes and left in a car decorated with “just married”!  Jodie and Ryan we wish you a great marriage filled with love and happiness; embrace everything that comes to you in this new life!
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10.13.18 Ciera and Casey

Ciera and Casey married on Saturday, October 13th and had a perfect little fall wedding at the Ranch!  They chose to keep everything humble and sweet and the end result was a beautiful day with the people they hold closest to their hearts!  Ciera was so sparkly beautiful in her strapless dress, and with her headband she wore she looked like a princess!  Casey and his groomsmen looked so classic in navy, grey and white and their smiles were so pleasing to the eye!  Ciera’s bridesmaids were in solid navy and the entire wedding party together radiated such a relaxing mood.  For the reception there was plenty of delicious dinner to keep guests happy and full, and a dessert bar that satisfied even the smallest sweet tooth!  Guest tables were looking beautiful with all white and just a pop of color from navy runners.  The day turned out beautiful and I could really tell with all the signs around stating “happily ever after” that these lovebirds truly found their special person.  So glad we could celebrate the love that Ceira and Casey share for each other.  May your days in marriage be joyous, loving, and kind…congratulations!  IMG_5159IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5164IMG_5165IMG_5169IMG_5171IMG_5174IMG_5175IMG_5177IMG_5179IMG_5180IMG_5181IMG_5182IMG_5183IMG_5184IMG_5187IMG_5189IMG_5190IMG_5193IMG_5194IMG_5196IMG_5197IMG_5199IMG_5201IMG_5203IMG_5204IMG_5205IMG_5206IMG_5207IMG_5208IMG_5209IMG_5210IMG_5211IMG_5212IMG_5213IMG_5214IMG_5215IMG_5216IMG_5217IMG_5218IMG_5219IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5222IMG_5223IMG_5224IMG_5225IMG_5226IMG_5227IMG_5228IMG_5229IMG_5230IMG_5231IMG_5232IMG_5233IMG_5234IMG_5235IMG_5236IMG_5237IMG_5238IMG_5239IMG_5240IMG_5241IMG_5244IMG_5245IMG_5246IMG_5247IMG_5248IMG_5249IMG_5250IMG_5252IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5257IMG_5258IMG_5274IMG_5276IMG_5279IMG_5282IMG_5283IMG_5289IMG_5290IMG_5293IMG_5294IMG_5295IMG_5296IMG_5300IMG_5302IMG_5303IMG_5306IMG_5307IMG_5308IMG_5309IMG_5310IMG_5311IMG_5312IMG_5313IMG_5314IMG_5315IMG_5316IMG_5317IMG_5319IMG_5320IMG_5322IMG_5324IMG_5327IMG_5328IMG_5330IMG_5341IMG_5343IMG_5344IMG_5346IMG_5350IMG_5351IMG_5354IMG_5242IMG_5243IMG_5292IMG_5291IMG_5298

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10.6.18 Andrea and Brian

Andrea and Brian were our first wedding for the month of October!  They said their vows on Saturday October 6th amongst close family and friends.  I have to say that these two were just the sweetest couple!  I completely enjoyed their special day and could truly see the love that surrounds them.  Andrea’s bridesmaids were not only her best gals but so genuinely helpful in setting up this amazing day.  Their close friendship is remarkable.  The Father of the Bride walked his lovely daughter down the aisle and after giving her away he officiated the ceremony!  Andrea looked like a gem in her strapless dress and had a sparkling smile to boot!  The bridesmaids were in a version of teal that looked very lush and sophisticated, while the groomsmen donned grey suits with a pop of that same color.  Brian stood out with a black suit and looked quite handsome wearing his cowboy hat!  The tables were adorned with a fall vibe of pumpkins and burgundy maple leaves; combined with all the romantic lights in the barn it made for such an exquisite evening!  What an enjoyable day for all; Andrea and Brian we are pleased you chose our humble Ranch for your wedding, congratulations! IMG_0824IMG_0823IMG_0825IMG_0826IMG_0827IMG_0830IMG_0833IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0836IMG_0837IMG_0838IMG_0839IMG_0840IMG_0841IMG_0842IMG_0843IMG_0844IMG_0845IMG_0846IMG_0847IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0850IMG_0851IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854IMG_0857IMG_0858IMG_0859IMG_0860IMG_0861IMG_2565IMG_2566IMG_2568IMG_0864IMG_0865IMG_2570IMG_0866IMG_0867IMG_0868IMG_0869IMG_0870IMG_2573IMG_0872IMG_0877IMG_0879IMG_0881IMG_0882IMG_0886IMG_2574IMG_0889IMG_0890IMG_0893IMG_0895IMG_0896IMG_0897IMG_0898IMG_0902IMG_0903IMG_0904IMG_0905IMG_0906IMG_0907IMG_0910IMG_0911IMG_0913IMG_0914IMG_0915IMG_0916IMG_0917IMG_0918IMG_0920IMG_0922IMG_0924IMG_0928IMG_0929IMG_0930IMG_0932IMG_0934IMG_0937IMG_0939IMG_0941IMG_0943IMG_0946IMG_0948IMG_0949IMG_0951IMG_0953IMG_0954IMG_0955IMG_0956IMG_0957IMG_0959IMG_0961IMG_0964IMG_0966IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0971IMG_0974IMG_0975IMG_0979IMG_0981IMG_0984IMG_0986IMG_0987IMG_0988IMG_0991IMG_0993IMG_0997IMG_0998IMG_1000IMG_1006IMG_1007



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9.29.18 Katie and Tony

Katie and Tony were united in love on Saturday, September 29th!  Such a bright and cheerful wedding to finish out the month of September; this couple had a grand ol’ time!  No flower equates sunny and All-American more than the sunflower, and with an abundance of them around the Ranch how could you not have a smile on your face!  That was Katie the entire time, smiling and sweet!  She looked so classy and beautiful in her dress and Tony was nothing short of handsome!  Katie chose a steel blue for her bridesmaids and added that same color in the groomsmen’s bowties.  That color was seen in areas of the barn, and that mixed with the sunflowers really made everything pop!  The reception made way for a yummy dinner and after that we had a party that certainly loved to dance!  Katie has moves!  This carried everything well into the night hours up until we had to say goodbye.  It was a day so special for Katie and Tony, and we are so elated for their bright future!  To the Mr. and Mrs., hope your marriage brings you a lifetime of joy, unbridled happiness, and love! IMG_4603 2IMG_4604 2IMG_4605 2IMG_4606 2IMG_4625 2IMG_4609 2IMG_4610 2IMG_4621 2IMG_4630 2IMG_4631 2IMG_4632 2IMG_4634 2IMG_4636 2IMG_4639 2IMG_4640 2IMG_4642 2IMG_4643 2IMG_4645 2IMG_4646 2IMG_4650 2IMG_4651 2IMG_4652 2IMG_4653 2IMG_4655 2IMG_4656 2IMG_4657 2IMG_4658 2IMG_4659 2IMG_4660 2IMG_4661 2IMG_4662 2IMG_4663 2IMG_4664 2IMG_4665 2IMG_4666 2IMG_4667 2IMG_4668 2IMG_4669 2IMG_4671 2IMG_4672 2IMG_4675 2IMG_4678 2IMG_4679 2IMG_4681 2IMG_4682 2IMG_4685 2IMG_4686 2IMG_4687 2IMG_4688 2IMG_4689 2IMG_4690 2IMG_4691 2IMG_4692 2IMG_4696 2IMG_4698 2IMG_4706 2IMG_4707 2IMG_4708 2IMG_4709 2IMG_4711 2IMG_4710 2IMG_4712 2IMG_4713 2IMG_4718 2IMG_4714 2IMG_4720 2IMG_4719 2IMG_4722 2IMG_4724 2IMG_4725 2IMG_4726 2IMG_4727 2IMG_4728 2IMG_4729 2IMG_4731 2IMG_4730 2IMG_4732 2IMG_4733 2IMG_4734 2IMG_4735 2IMG_4737 2IMG_4738 2IMG_4739 2IMG_4740 2IMG_4742 2IMG_4743 2IMG_4744 2IMG_4746 2IMG_4747 2IMG_4750 2IMG_4751 2IMG_4752 2IMG_4754 2IMG_4756 2IMG_4759 2IMG_4788 2IMG_4790 2IMG_4791 2IMG_4793 2IMG_4795 2IMG_4800 2IMG_4801 2IMG_4803 2IMG_4804 2IMG_4807 2IMG_4808 2IMG_4810 2IMG_4812 2IMG_4814 2IMG_4815 2IMG_4816 2IMG_4817 2IMG_4819 2IMG_4825 2IMG_4828 2IMG_4832 2IMG_4834 2IMG_4836 2IMG_4838 2IMG_4839 2IMG_4844 2IMG_4845 2IMG_4847 2IMG_4849 2IMG_4850 2IMG_4858 2IMG_4859 2IMG_4860 2IMG_4861 2IMG_4881 2IMG_4884 2IMG_4888 2IMG_4896 2IMG_4897 2IMG_4898 2IMG_4899 2IMG_4901 2fullsizeoutput_5250On6J+JwmRyyTqNDCfPSNygfullsizeoutput_524c

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9.23.18 Bree and Nick

We had the pleasure of accommodating Bree and Nick, who fell victim to the harrowing Carr Fire this July.  If you haven’t heard or seen their story on the news, it is heart wrenching.  TBS hosted their wedding on Sunday, September 23rd and it just goes to show you when disaster strikes, how a community can really come together. With the support and immense generosity of many, including a huge part of the planning taken care of by Gwen Edwardson Wedding Planning, Heather Jenson and Aunt Kelley Franks, this day was flawless.  Bree was a knockout in her dress and Nick looked so handsome!  The barn was decorated in varying shades of purple, burlap and lace, and it conveyed such cheer!  There was a rustic yet romantic vibe and it was felt all throughout their special day.  Dinner looked amazing, while the dessert table was top notch; the lavender cupcakes were simply wonderful!  This was a day that Bree and Nick will remember forever.  To go from losing their house with all their important belongings, including decorations for their special day, to having a dream wedding that was contributed by many a thoughtful people, is something for the books.  We just hope that life will bring you much joy and happiness and a new start to something kind and beautiful.  Bree and Nick, congratulations!


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9.22.18 Gemma and Ron

On Saturday, September 22nd, we had the pleasure of having Gemma and Ron say their vows at the Ranch.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather-wise, it truly was amazing!  I loved the interactions these two lovebirds shared throughout the day, they are quite the match.  The ceremony was a little slow to start due to a slight mishap of misplacing the rings!  They were soon found, and as Gemma stepped out from the bridal suite immediately all the guests whistled and cheered! Her smile was priceless.  She looked absolutely stunning walking down the staircase in her beautiful fitted dress!  Ron looked handsome in his charcoal vest that stood out from his groomsmen but matched them all the same.  Gemma’s 8 bridesmaids were all in grey too as well as cowboy boots and everything just flowed!  The barn was decorated in beautiful greenery mixed with red and white roses and touches of white carnations, as well as candles and painted wooden signs stating “reserved” and “Mr” and “Mrs”.  Everyone REALLY had a great time and after the night was over they generously chose to donate their flowers to the Sunday wedding. Such a thoughtful pair! The couple slipped away to honeymoon taking a relaxing cruise in Alaska. Gemma and Ron we are so glad you picked TBS, congratulations and enjoy all that marriage brings!


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9.15.18 Ali and Victor

Ali and Victor tied the knot at the Ranch on Saturday September 15th!  This was such a special day for these two to finally say their vows and have some time to celebrate their love!  Victor works for CAL FIRE and has been persistent in his firefighting efforts through this hellacious fire season, so being able to stop and take a breath with his sweet Bride was well deserved!  Ali was SUCH a natural beauty and was a joy to be around.  She looked beyond effortless in her dress and exuded such happiness!  Their ceremony was special in that it was only the Bride and Groom, along with their three daughters standing next to them.  Ali’s close friend Ashley was her wedding planner and she really went to lengths to make Ali’s day perfect!  Eucalyptus and antler sheds were strewn among tables in the barn and a cute sweetheart table was prominent with a sweet “Mr and Mrs” sign.  This group really had a blast and you could tell how close they keep their friends and family.  It was a day for the books for Ali and Victor and we just want to wish them the best life together as ONE!  Congratulations!             The professional photos taken by Jesse Lee Photography, thank you Jesse!