8.11.18 Chantel and Antonio

Chantel and Antonio were married on Saturday August 11th and what an amazing day it was!  Chantel was glowing in her beautiful blush lace dress and carried a gorgeous bouquet from Anderson Florist that had the addition of succulents in it!  Walking down the aisle to meet Antonio I glanced over and he was just full of smiles; you could tell in that moment he was so excited to marry his best friend.  The bridesmaids were in navy and the groomsmen in grey, with the addition of gold throughout the barn it made for such an elegant color scheme! This was special in that the whole family came together to help create a most memorable day for these two sweet people.  Antonio’s sister, Jade, officiated the wedding, while Antonio’s brother Justin, stood up as his best man. Beings Chantel had two very special life long friends in her life, she chose both to be the Maid of Honors, Maddie and Kaylee,twin sisters.   Chantel’s Father, Fritz handmade the gorgeous redwood arbor they were married under.  Both Mothers of the bride and groom, Kathy and Bobbie, brought their talents in to make the barn an enchanting place to celebrate after the ceremony.  Bobbie created a gorgeous cake, lovely cupcakes and “M” cookies that were placed on each plate.  She also crafted the amazing centerpieces that really made the barn look amazing!  Kathy helped with a great deal of preparation as well and helped present savory appetizers for all the guests!  Candles and lights were strung around the barn and it brought such warmth to our rustic interior.  I just loved everything about this wedding and was appreciative at how thoughtful and kind Chantel and Antonio are!  May you both have a lifetime of great love and happiness, congratulations!IMG_2819IMG_2868IMG_2787IMG_2884IMG_2831IMG_2954Unknown

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7.12.18 Lindsay and Khyle

Lindsay and Khyle opted for a Thursday afternoon reception at the Ranch on July 12th!  They were married at St. Joseph’s Church in Redding and for the reception everyone made their way to TBS to have fun and celebrate!  Lindsay was such an elegant bride!  She literally looked like she was pulled out of a bridal magazine and with her red lipstick she just looked on point!  This great couple chose some fun deep colors mixed with bright yellow sunflowers to create their perfect day!  Lindsay’s sister, also owning Maid of Honor title, was in a darker pink while the other bridesmaids had on ultramarine blue!  It’s always fun to see when brides make their Maid of Honors stand out and Lindsay chose a beautiful color for hers!  Linday’s  Mother, Carrie, was a planner for many years in the Bay Area and she really took on that amazing role creating the perfect day that unfolded before Lindsay and her new son-in-law.  Her and her “A-Team” certainly went to great lengths to make this day the best!  Dill’s Deli catered some amazing food, and DJ Lynne Currie kept this party dancing through the evening!  Lindsay and Khyle, may your devotion for each other last a lifetime!bv3ygbpWQd+Btcl2j355sAlrL5aH8CRROli8xg91t0CgRD8WZ+vjTEi9+AQJtZgEGQBiPVwQOGToi4avVaG1+BtQw4rXctzOR8q3HP1dLn84HALnA+fm7iRSCYXSO%yij42gidn3XEagQPWQYC8RSlXN7goz4J9feESYCRh5X%ph%aZw1p3kwr8XQEOckCOB+CVFqA6yIo2vELQ3yg3carNO0ujQhTJj1wSaSzeeeN5H4BwGmQXZgLE7x5RwaYQa8VJjXgRAL3YtrUNXQ9WvpIOqAtqGEQwILIfqFrRC2hBizUY++WmwBQwaFQg6r%xdcBKUkDwfullsizeoutput_4092C8eEnL0gRLeSORPUBQBEKQugZOJ8tcR+maOQ1M016Egw4apqggxZS7OWoIRH4j8iqQfullsizeoutput_4088fullsizeoutput_421dfullsizeoutput_3abetB1c2+tVS2aBSX5jGO28Ggfullsizeoutput_4224fullsizeoutput_4091Zy97ZTpuT86%cVxYKVUk4gjwRRtgmNRF+XoEAIWmAdDgmpchnrUEQSG6wMfJYkxjAw%UGDCsM9SvO8dZa5+2OQywSnW+Q%4%TjaezQv7T%hy1gfullsizeoutput_42303yo+U+5nTLioSwWkOrxcngOS11snw2Sr2S%lUbTKO8eAaRvef4aYShaxQ3gtwRqmfAhohQsG%4S0GTj4pgwy8m8gOwy8CHhmRmqG29juDRDqGAZocrENvYRaaKIYpKaP%YlQF6gxpUGuRYOtehMfqwug2AgRDq%ExDSNOCtzScXZv22QqDuBjXlJQKeBvZ8Bz0Z35wTJpxOMhiQnK35JxiUEbgGAMxycbI1zTPOw0eL%G1N91QQuWVV3wpRoeS71AI1fMKdAf3kcFLbzQy+f6KOB2%CzkAWYCZKFSjSoiPB%MXqFZenwDZn9MR80SVuU6mbs5SUi4wfullsizeoutput_4076cT5u22NlRWStYCaOhpAfullsizeoutput_4083ul4rQoTTRHCoOLlT58euQw

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7.7.18 Briana and Austin

Briana and Austin made use of a beautiful Saturday afternoon on July 7th to wed and celebrate their love!  This couple was so genuinely kind I really enjoyed having them out at the Ranch with their family and friends.  Both Austin and his best man Zach, had taken some leave from being in the Navy in San Diego to come up for this joyous event;  thank you both, for your service to our country!  Briana was a pleasantly sweet bride that just beamed with happiness and love.  She looked so cute in her summer bridal dress, and it really made for a cheerful wedding party with their choice of aqua and yellows!  Sunflowers and white daisy’s comprised the girls’ bouquets and it flowed together seamlessly.  Flowers, pictures, and cute little signs decorated the barn and everyone had such a great time dancing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company!  We are so happy that this adoring couple was able to marry at the Ranch and truly enjoy a magical day with everyone that’s special to them.  Briana and Austin, enjoy your new life together as a married couple; embrace love, happiness and adventure! Congratulations



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6.16.18 Haylee and Walker

Haylee and Walker were married on a lovely Saturday, June 16th at the Ranch! You never know what to expect with NorCal summer weather, but this day was especially unpredictable. The entire day dabbled in sunshine, rain, wind, and even hail which then cleared up and made way to a beautiful rainbow! The pot of gold was certainly found surrounding this adorable couple. Haylee and Walker were rich this day in every aspect of the word. Rich in love, faith, family and friends. Haylee was hands down one of the most beautiful, easiest, laid-back brides I have ever had a chance to work with. She was so calm and collected, and the ever-changing weather didn’t distract her from marrying and celebrating with the love of her life. Haylee wore a beautiful form-fitting, sleeveless lace gown, while her bridesmaids donned blue floral-print sleeveless dresses. They all meshed well with Walker and his groomsmen that looked sharp in their slate grey and charcoal suits. This was a non-alcoholic wedding, yet everyone stayed until the end happily celebrating this joyous occasion; and might I add they had the longest male conga line I have ever seen! Haylee and Walker, congratulations! It was a perfect beginning to your new life as one.IMG_1975IMG_2147IMG_2146IMG_2981IMG_3017IMG_3010IMG_3014IMG_3013fullsizeoutput_3a89IMG_2984IMG_2978IMG_2987IMG_1983IMG_1987IMG_1989IMG_1991IMG_1993IMG_1994IMG_1999IMG_2001IMG_2006IMG_2008IMG_2016IMG_2018IMG_2020IMG_2025IMG_2029IMG_2033IMG_2031IMG_2034IMG_2044IMG_2041IMG_2036IMG_2035IMG_2047IMG_2046IMG_2049IMG_2051IMG_2056IMG_2058IMG_2057IMG_2060IMG_2061IMG_2063IMG_2076IMG_2083IMG_2079IMG_2087IMG_2096IMG_2099IMG_2098IMG_2101IMG_2106IMG_2105IMG_2108IMG_2115IMG_2113IMG_2124IMG_2128IMG_2131IMG_2151IMG_2155IMG_2159IMG_2983

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morning_mist_landscape_fog_haze_road-1021022.jpg!dWords cannot express the sadness that is in my heart resulting from the devastating Carr Fire.  I hope everyone and their loved ones, along with all evacuees, have remained safe and together with their families during this trying time.  It makes you appreciate when catastrophic events like this occur, how quickly our community comes together to support those that have had to flee their homes.  Helping rebuild these areas that have been engulfed in flames will take a long time; but, it just goes to show that while the Carr Fire has been proven strong, Redding is STRONGER.  Continue to stay out of harm’s way out there.  A HUGE thank you to all the firefighters, law enforcement, and all other personnel assisting on this incident…we could not do this without your round-the-clock efforts.

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6/9/18 Ashley and Luis

Ashley and Luis chose June 9th as their day to wed and celebrate with family and friends!  You never know in mid-June what kind of weather you’ll get, but having 87 degrees we couldn’t have asked for better!  Ashley was in a fitted gown with her hair pulled up looking so lovely and glamorous; her bridesmaids were all in Tiffany blue and what a cool color choice for this time of year! Luis and his men were in their twill vests with matching neckties and looking sharp as ever!  From the time this bridal party arrived until the very last dance I could tell they were just the best of friends.  Everyone was there to make this a memorable day for the loving couple.  For the reception, hints of blue and cute little signs were all over the barn, it was fun to see the effort this couple put into their day.  Walking outside you couldn’t miss the cool massive custom letters that spelled their last name on the lawn!  Dinner was a hit, and believe me, nobody went hungry!  DJ Kin Bates carried this party well into the evening and had everyone young and old out on the dance floor!  Ashley and Luis we are so happy to have hosted your special day, a huge congratulations and best wishes!IMG_1798 3IMG_1828IMG_1831IMG_1846IMG_1849IMG_1843IMG_1866IMG_1867IMG_1869IMG_1871IMG_1794 2IMG_1793 2IMG_1910IMG_1838 2IMG_1912IMG_1911IMG_1839 2IMG_1843 2IMG_1915IMG_1916IMG_1913IMG_1841 2IMG_1917IMG_1859 2IMG_1860 2IMG_1856 2IMG_1852 2IMG_1921IMG_1854 2IMG_1919IMG_1873IMG_1861 2IMG_1877IMG_1863 2IMG_1862 2IMG_1876IMG_1882IMG_1864

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6/2/18 Kenna and Brad

Here we have another beautiful wedding with some sweet delicate flair!  Kenna and Brad were married on June 2nd; for being one of the last few weddings before summer consumes us, they sure created a magical spring day!  Kenna had a form fitting lace bridal dress on that fit her perfectly and looked amazing!  I loved her bouquet that had an array of light pink and white roses encircled with baby’s breath.  In addition to her bouquet, whimsical baby’s breath was incorporated all around the barn, which really gave it that delicate feel of springtime!  The blush pink on the bridesmaids, matched the pink ties of Brad and his groomsmen; the bridal party just exuded a tender and harmonious vibe!  I have to say their tri-level cake looked so romantic with the fresh roses on each layer and different swirls of frosting I loved it!  Both families that came together to support these two lovebirds were so genuinely nice everyone had a great time.  Kenna and Brad, there’s nothing more special in life than marrying your best friend and spending your life together…we are so glad you began your journey with us, congratulations!IMG_1680IMG_1668IMG_1677IMG_1682IMG_1688IMG_1697IMG_1716IMG_1727IMG_1738IMG_1724IMG_1715IMG_1695IMG_1687IMG_1681IMG_1675IMG_1665IMG_1667IMG_1674IMG_1686IMG_1694IMG_1712IMG_1720IMG_1733IMG_1673IMG_1679IMG_1693IMG_1719IMG_1731IMG_1666IMG_1685IMG_1710IMG_1671IMG_1678IMG_1684IMG_1692IMG_1702IMG_1718IMG_1729IMG_1669IMG_1676IMG_1683IMG_1691IMG_1700IMG_1717IMG_1732
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5/27/18 Sara and Jacob

I sincerely apologize for falling behind these past several weeks, my family’s difficult time has been consuming my every thought and action…but here I am back at it and am so looking forward to blogging about the wedding of Sara and Jacob!  This young couple sealed their union on May 27th and couldn’t have picked a more perfect day at the Ranch. Sara was a naturally beautiful bride wearing a unique two-piece style bridal dress that she wore stunningly! The bridesmaids had on a lovely purple mauve and Jacob and his groomsmen dressed in casual white-collar shirts and suspenders but certainly looked handsome!  The actual ceremony was lovely, and while it was taking place they had an artist actually paint a picture of them; something I’ve never seen before it was so special! After they officially became husband and wife the dancing immediately began. This bridal party was as enthused about dancing as I’d ever seen it was great!  To fuel energy for the rest of the evening Maxwell’s catered a pizza dinner, and for dessert there was as much ice cream as your heart desired!  The barn looked amazing with the help of “Weddings by Victoria”, I am so impressed with her quality of work and drive to create the perfect day for the couple!  Everything went off without a hitch and we want to congratulate these two for a wonderful special day.  Sara and Jacob, may the rest of your lives be wrapped in happiness and love!IMG_1536IMG_1599IMG_1530IMG_1531IMG_1532IMG_1534IMG_1555IMG_1552IMG_1551IMG_1548IMG_1546IMG_1545IMG_1544IMG_1542IMG_1541IMG_1540IMG_1539IMG_1537IMG_1556IMG_1558IMG_1560IMG_1563IMG_1565IMG_1566IMG_1567IMG_1568IMG_1577IMG_1578IMG_1581IMG_1582IMG_1583IMG_1584IMG_1585IMG_1586IMG_1588IMG_1589IMG_1590IMG_1595IMG_1597IMG_1600IMG_1604IMG_1605IMG_1608IMG_1617IMG_1621IMG_1623IMG_1626IMG_1628IMG_1630 2IMG_1632 2IMG_1636IMG_1637IMG_1641 2IMG_1642IMG_1645IMG_1648
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5/19/18 Lindsay and Michael

The elegant wedding on Saturday, May 19th of Lindsay and Michael will completely charm you!  The lengths this couple put into making it the most perfect day were extraordinaire.  Immediately I gathered that Lindsay and her Mother are the best of friends, so much so that her Mom was actually her Maid of Honor!  Together these ladies worked so hard at every tiny detail of the day and I’d say it was executed flawlessly.  A limousine chauffeured the bridal party to the Ranch prior to the ceremony, completely stylish and exciting for them!  Lindsay was a stunning bride and so sleek in her dress, and the bridesmaids matched her beautifully with gold metallic.  The barn had beautiful hues of country blue and dusty rose that were pooled with the most beautiful fresh flowers everywhere!  CR Gibbs catered the affair, and as always did a tasty, phenomenal job!  I love seeing families that share a special closeness and it was obvious here; they danced all through the evening and had a ball of a time!  Everything about this day was a celebration of the love that Lindsay and Michael share, and we couldn’t be happier to revel the beginning of their new life! Congratulations!!


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5/12/18 Suzanne and Grant

Suzanne and her Mom took a tour of the ranch several months back and we connected immediately. These two ladies were so much fun! We shared laughter and tears, and I was saddened to hear Suzanne’s father had passed a few months before we met.  May 12th was the day Suzanne chose for her and Grant to tie the knot. It was such a sweet day for these sweet people and we couldn’t have had more perfect weather!  Although there were some tears shed, Suzanne was just glowing.  She created the most beautiful day for her and Grant.  Her father would have been so proud. It was a lovely ceremony with her daughter and niece as bridesmaids, her daughter even sang, as Suzanne’s brother walked her down the aisle, which added to the sentiment.  Suzanne’s bridal bouquet had so much meaning to it; a ribbon from her Mother’s bridal gown was attached along with her Father’s wedding band, truly something special I’ve never seen! The reception was set up with amazing food, prepared by Licata Catering. The “sweets” table was over the top with handmade treats, as well as hand woven baskets made by Suzanne’s Grandmother!    I had a wonderful time enjoying their special day and would like to congratulate and wish them a lifetime of health and happiness!

Thank you Mandy Irwin Photography for the professional photos (you can tell which ones are mine). IMG_3203IMG_3205IMG_3206IMG_3204IMG_3207IMG_3208IMG_3209IMG_3210IMG_3211IMG_3212IMG_3199IMG_3200IMG_3201IMG_3202IMG_3198IMG_3213IMG_3214IMG_3215IMG_3213IMG_3214IMG_3215IMG_3220IMG_3221IMG_1228IMG_1231IMG_1247IMG_1255IMG_1274xqzP1tn4SPCsxM%5h1AhRgdBFy6NKtRISqa+hzmSdfBAF4enp5oHRe2kU7ujuzX40gS7fbxpL5StaCsvOOtfQogQy9GPR4teRauaVztehQxbwgYLOyaw8CQ2eRznMNKV+9cAIMG_1247KGjzbio9T3WhHAJDC8gomwgaVUMDDNRq6qb3Lk0op0JwIl7ha5T3QF26RMX271iGvQCSw2XfcwTp+Nxhj+N3EtCwn0FUbI4gQpaf3tSca9CqoA2lByU1fGRHOE2IR+63VSIw

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