8/12/17 Sam and Michael

Sam and Michael were married on Saturday August 12th out at the Ranch, and what a fun group and party this was! These two country lovebirds met when they were a mere 12 years old, and through their love of riding and rodeo their paths continued to cross and they became best of friends. The friendship grew much deeper these last five years and Michael decided it was time to ask this little cutie to tie the knot. Sam was glowing in her strapless gown and so ready to do this, and her handsome cowboy, Michael, was more than ready as well. After months of planning her day was unfolding as perfectly as she had planned it. Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms, Dads, Aunts, and Uncles all had a hand in helping pull the day off, and their help wasn’t taken for granted. Sam and Michael were sincerely thankful for everything they had done. Sam chose “Cowboy take me away” as her and Michael’s recessional song which was very fitting and sent this group right into party mode. The barn was decorated so perfectly simple and rustic country with white and pale pink hydrangeas and burlap on each table, and a beautiful country cake wrapped with burlap as well! The bridesmaids matched with peach dresses along with their matching rose bouquets, it was just lovely! They even had a surprise auction that added to the fun vibe of the party with each of them earning a fair share towards their honeymoon! Sam and Michael threw a fun party that was a night to remember; music went into the evening with swing dancing with their loved ones. We had so much fun hosting this phenomenal couple and truly wish that they enjoy many long years of marriage together! Congratulations Sam and Michael!




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8/6/17 Emmaline and Logan

Emmaline and Logan tied the knot at the Ranch on Sunday August 6th!  So much beauty and love are encased around these two high school sweethearts!  Just days before the wedding Logan was in Australia; he made it back just in time to celebrate becoming one with his sweetheart Emmaline.  Her father escorted her down the aisle to serene instrumental music and she just took center stage.  All eyes were on this stunning bride!  Logan looked strapping in his Army uniform; he is currently in the Air Defense Artillery Branch, thank you for your service to our country!  These two exuded happiness all day it was so uplifting.  The afternoon was elegant and classy with fine china positioned at each guests’ seat.  A beautiful stem of Tuscan lavender was fashioned onto each napkin tied with ribbon, it was gorgeous!  White roses were everywhere and it had such a romantic sophisticated feel.  As the early evening approached end, Emmaline and Logan made their exit in a ’57 Chevy in which everyone cheered!  We want to wish this beautiful couple a wonderful marriage, filled with more joy and happiness than could ever be imagined!  Thank you for beginning your journey at TBS!    75BE99F2-FB69-46B7-8A9A-8F030705D514FullSizeRIMG_2257IMG_2361IMG_2362
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7/29/17 Emily and Nick

Emily and Nick said their “I Do’s” at the Ranch on July 29th! It was such a nice day despite the very hot weather we’ve been receiving.  They met on Plenty of Fish, and hats off to two people finding each other that have served our country; Emily was in the US Army and Nick served in the US Navy, thank you both!  These two sweethearts were so genuine and kind.  Blending families together can sometimes be a challenge but it looked as though they had pulled it off seamlessly!  Emily has three kids of her own and Nick has two, these children appeared to be such good friends, it was very sweet!  As Emily walked down the aisle to a beautiful instrumental version of  “Here Comes the Bride” she was glowing and Nick looked so happy. It was clearly visable this family was surrounded by love!  After the short ceremony (shortest ever) came dinner and dancing which was DJ’d by Nicks friend, Leo!  It was so sweet watching everyone mingle and enjoy good company, especially amazing to have had Emily’s grandmother there who is 90 years young!  We wish these two a fantastic new journey as one big family, enjoy and soak it up!  Congratulations!    

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7/8/17 Ashley and Darren

All brides begin to realize that planning a wedding and working full time are actually two full time jobs.  It’s amazing to think about what a person with determination can endure. Ashley powered through all last year planning a perfect wedding day, finishing Nursing school, and taking her State Board test to become an RN.  On July 8, 2017 Ashley and Darren gathered with family and friends for a wedding that celebrated not only their love for one another, but what trials and tribulations it took them to get here. When I think of this wedding I think of the warmth and love this couple not only bring to each other but to all of their guests as well. Darren is in law enforcement and they met when Ashley did a ride along. They hit it off immediately. Darren’s friends knew Ashley was a keeper when he introduced her to them and told him if he didn’t marry her they would! Long time cowboy friend Mikey officiated the ceremony making it even more special.
Ashley’s dress was beautiful and Darren looked absolutely dashing in his vest and wranglers. They each read their own written vows making the ceremony that much sweeter. The barn was decorated with fresh cut flowers sitting on rustic wood rounds. The lovely cake was flanked by beautiful cupcakes that looked like lavander roses.
The reception was filled with fun. From the couples first dance showing off great dance moves to “Trouble” by Travis Tritt and to one of my favorites “Tiger by the Tail”.  The fun and love lasted from start to finish for the couple and their guests. This fun night ended in a circle of friends singing at the top of their lungs to Garth Brooks, ” Friends in Low Places”!  Such a happy crowd.
Congratulations Ashley and Darren it was an honor and a privilege to host your wedding at our venue. We wish you love and happiness always.


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7/7/17 Rudi and Anthony

Rudi and Anthony celebrated their big day at the ranch on July 7th, just the sweetest day for the sweetest couple!  This wedding was filled with such love, sweet details, and simple touches that overall created a perfect day!  Rudi was a stunning bride; as she walked down the aisle in her champagne dress while her hair swooped up so elegant she took center stage!  It was so cute, and very apparent, Anthony the groom just adored her.  He is a US Marine currently stationed at Camp Pendleton.  The bridesmaids in their navy blue certainly tied in with the red roses and white accents to give a subtle patriotic, yet romantic feel.  You could certainly tell by the way this wedding party interacted with each other that they are just the best of friends.  It was even neat to see a bridesmaid standing with the groomsmen and the opposite on the other side; every part of this day was so full of love.  It was a day that Rudi and Anthony will forever remember and to have all their close family and friends there it will be cherished in their books!  We wish this sweet duo a life together filled with love and all the happiness in the world!  19990297_1621020011244245_6303534767906304660_nIMG_1998IMG_1999IMG_2001IMG_1996IMG_1993IMG_1992IMG_1990IMG_2003IMG_2006IMG_2019IMG_2011IMG_2010IMG_2034IMG_2029IMG_2027IMG_2051IMG_2044IMG_2042IMG_2040IMG_2069IMG_2063IMG_2060IMG_2057IMG_1975IMG_1974IMG_1973



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6/24/17 Jackie and Craig

Jackie and Craig tied the knot at the Ranch on June 24th, and boy did this wedding take the cake for the hottest one in 2017, yet! These two sweethearts really put on a spectacular shindig and it was such a special day sans the 109 degrees! Jackie was a gorgeous bride in her dress, that while it looked like a sweetheart neckline, was really attached to a sheer top with sleeves…it was stunning! She and her bridesmaids just looked so tranquil with their corresponding colors of purples, pinks, and taupe; they all flowed together so well. Craig, who had served our country as a US Marine for 4 years, looked so handsome and happy as he escorted his mother Joan in. As all stood and watched for Jackie to make her way down the aisle, I realized this bride came down alone. I noticed it was emotional for friends and family as Craig walked down to greet her halfway and walk her to the altar; it was so touching.  The rest of the evening following the ceremony just exuded LOVE! The speeches were endearing, so many nice words were said about Jackie and Craig!  Some especially emotional words by Jackie’s Maid of Honor, Jennifer, who happens to be her sister and best friend!  Adorable LOVE letters were hung above the head table and it directed all attention to the entire wedding party. The whole barn was filled with togetherness and had an inseparable family feel. It was a wonderful day and we wish Jackie and Craig a huge congratulations, may you both have never ending love for each other!

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6/23/17 Morgan and Matt

Morgan and Matt were married on June 23rd and this was our first official summer wedding at the Ranch!  What a fantastic couple and fun day for these two!  Two UC Davis students, who attended at different times, with the help of fate led them to each other at a party…it was so meant to be!  They are such a sweet couple and it no doubt radiated among their wedding party and guests!  The most beautiful instrumental music began as the bridal party started their procession to the alter and then the music changed and everyone stood up waiting for this beautiful bride and her father to enter.  Suprise to all they had slipped around to the back of the barn and entered over the bridge. What an entrance!!  I loved the color combination of pinks and reds with the variety of hues that they chose; it gave it such a romantic feel, and with the large LOVE letters placed as guests walked up to the barn it set the tone for a dreamy day.   Morgan had a beautiful bouquet with peonies and roses, so simple yet so elegant!  She looked so classy in her dress and you could tell Matt just adored her!  I have respect for Morgan and Matt taking on such a special day in the heat of summer, but they pulled it off effortlessly and everyone had such a wonderful time.  We wish these two the best that life has to offer!

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6/17/17 Caroline and Roy

Caroline and Roy were married on June 17th at the Ranch, and what a way to end the spring season! This wedding was filled with beautiful details and romantic touches, beginning with Caroline’s gorgeous dress that was fashioned by a top New York designer! She looked beyond stunning as she made her entrance and met Roy up at the front to say their vows. A fun reception was ahead with Roy’s friends’ handcrafting all the beer in the kegs; a special blonde ale for the Groom and a lightweight IPA for the bride! A fabulous naked cake by Sublime Cake Designs was spectacular as well!! While copper has been overshadowed in the past by gold, it became a glowing focal point that added a stylish accent to all the beautiful wedding color hues! The guest tables were elegant with a variety of glass vases, and it was exciting to see the combination of metallic with botanicals. Incorporating taupe and white made the rosemary and eucalyptus pop; on top of that the barn smelled AMAZING! Everything definitely had that organic look and feel, it was refreshing! Of course the song “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond came on later in the evening, and the entire crowd serenaded Caroline…it was just the sweetest! We loved this day, and to the newlyweds we wish you heartfelt congratulations!IMG_1710IMG_1690IMG_1712IMG_1705IMG_1619IMG_1724IMG_1634IMG_1643IMG_1640 2IMG_1639IMG_1634IMG_1717IMG_1635IMG_1646IMG_1623IMG_1615IMG_1622IMG_1611IMG_1606IMG_1614

I am usually never at the ranch late enough to see the Bride and Grooms send off, but this particular wedding will always be a sweet memory. This crowd was enjoying themselves until the very last song, It was so much fun!  As I climbed in bed I noticed it was two minutes after midnight. I slept 3 hours and was no sooner awakened by a phone call from my son announcing that my new granddaughter was about to make her entrance into the world!  A sensational adrenaline boost sent me off to the hospital and I arrived just in time to see Morgan Alice take her first breath. This particular weekend June 17th-18th was filled with beautiful and memorable  moments, and it was a blessing to be a part of all of them.
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6/10/17 Jocelyn and Jordan

We were blessed with some fantastic cooler weather for the wedding of Jocelyn and Jordan on Saturday, June 10th!  We are nearing triple digits soon, so it was a nice way to enjoy the last of the spring weather before we are thrown into the hottest part of summer!  Jocelyn and Jordan met on Halloween a couple years back at the Hen House and the fun night grew in to a great love story. Together they are an amazing couple! I love how they simply exude this relaxing, laid back style; everything was just “go with the flow” attitude, and it worked!  Family traveled afar to attend this wedding from Arizona, Nevada, but mostly Idaho! Jordan’s Mom and Sisters rocked a homemade taco bar that was phenomenal. Jocelyn’s sister in law made a stunning cake with such lifelike edible flowers!  Jocelyn looked dazzling in her gown and just embodied the country bride, her smile was contagious!  Her bridesmaids all complimented her style in varying shades of pink and cowboy boots and the three flower girls tied in with them so well!  We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to get married at the Ranch, we loved having the whole family out here!  Jocelyn and Jordan, we wish you excitement and happiness and all the love in your new life together!      


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6/3/17 Shawna and Ryan

What a dazzling day for a fantastic couple like Shawna and Ryan to say their vows at TBS!  These two celebrated their marriage on June 3rd, and my goodness this wedding showcased a beautiful spring day in both weather and fabulous décor!  Tranquil colors of peach, white and grey adorned the Ranch and they were a great choice to compliment Shawna in her gown…who looked exquisite by the way! While all eyes were on the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, her niece serenely played “Ode to Joy” on her violin which was so charming. For the reception, an eclectic blend of china was used for each guests table setting which really made for a fun addition. Ryan’s mom, Pamela, went over the top in BEAUTIFUL decor, she even fabulously handcrafted large paper flowers that were fashioned on the corners of the barn door! Pink peonies and candles in lanterns were everywhere, including centerpieces and the gift table! This was an absolutely fun wedding and everyone from young and old danced into the night. It’s so fun to see two people sincerely lucky in love and we just wish Shawna and Ryan the greatest life together, enjoy Tahiti!
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