7/12/14 – Sarah and Scott – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Sarah and Scott!!!!  Sarah was incredibly low maintenance on my behalf.  She was so very easy going and wonderful to work with.  I LOVED the brunch wedding!  They had an early ceremony, 11 am, and brunch with mimosas!  It was totally different and really fun.  Who wouldn’t embrace a waffle bar, and endless bacon???  You would have to be crazy to say no to endless bacon!!!  It was a total hit.  Everyone was raving.  I am hoping this might be a trend…at least the endless bacon part!

Sarah enlisted the help of Gwen Edwardson.  As I have said before, I love Gwen for such selfish reasons, she makes my life easy!  Gwen did an amazing job (as always) bringing Sarah’s vision to reality.  It was sooo beautiful!  It had the shabby chic vibe that fit Sarah so well.  She was a vibrant and stunning bride!  I am sure that Scott knows how blessed he is to now call her his wife.

We wish them the very very very best!!!!!

IMG_9187 IMG_9199 IMG_9200 IMG_9211 IMG_9213 IMG_9218 IMG_9220 IMG_9222 IMG_9224 IMG_9228 IMG_9236 IMG_9252 IMG_9262 IMG_9268 IMG_9269 IMG_9274 IMG_9280 IMG_9298 IMG_9300 IMG_9318 IMG_9322 IMG_9327 IMG_9334 IMG_9337 IMG_9341

7/1/14 – Kat and Mike – Redding Wedding Venue


IMG_9049Congratulations to Kat and Mike!!!  These two are the kind of couple that you just know are sooo in love and care sooo deeply for each other.  It is sooo refreshing to meet a young couple like Kat and Mike, easy going, responsible, and sooo much fun!!!  Since this was a weekday wedding, I hosted which means that I stay for the entire event.  Not only are Kat and Mike special, but their friends and family are just as great!  I had soo much fun (=  It was truly and fairytale wedding, and Princess Kat swept Price Charming right off of his feet.  It is VERY evident that Mike just adores her.

We wish them the very very very best!!!!!

IMG_8955 IMG_8957 IMG_8962 IMG_8965 IMG_8969 IMG_8971 IMG_8982 IMG_8988 IMG_8989 IMG_9004 IMG_9014 IMG_9027 IMG_9032 IMG_9054 IMG_9062 IMG_9067 IMG_9085 IMG_9108 IMG_9116 IMG_9125 IMG_9145 IMG_9160 IMG_9172


6/29/14 – Steve and Randy – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Steve and Randy!!!!  It has been such a total pleasure knowing these two!  Steve and Randy have visited the ranch to view wedding set ups on several occasions, so I have gotten to know them a bit.  I have to say, it is going to be odd not having them around.  I am going to miss them.

They had an amazing day, and we wish them the very very very best!!!!

IMG_8897 IMG_8900 IMG_8902 IMG_8910 IMG_8913 IMG_8918 IMG_8919 IMG_8929

6/21/14 – Shelbi and Justin – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Shelbi and Justin!  Shelbi surprised Justin when she arrived in a horse and carriage.  She looked like a radiant Cinderella princess!!  The look on Justin’s face was priceless.  What a fun surprise!  The vibe of this day was total rustic elegance.  The frilly dresses with cowboy boots, and Shelbi’s princess dress with cowboy boots fit this vibe perfectly.  It was VERY beautiful, and of course, we wish them the very very very best!!!!!

IMG_8766 IMG_8769 IMG_8771 IMG_8773 IMG_8775 IMG_8777 IMG_8793 IMG_8798 IMG_8801 IMG_8803 IMG_8813 IMG_8822 IMG_8830 IMG_8833 IMG_8838 IMG_8861 IMG_8867 IMG_8871



6/15/14 – Sally and Brian – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Sally and Brian!  They had the most PERFECT day for their wedding.  Everyone commented on how perfect it was!  That only added to the beauty of this wedding.  It would have been beautiful without the perfect day, but the perfect day just put it over the top!  Gwen Edwardson coordinated this event and she truly brought Sally’s vision to reality.  AND..speaking of vision…Sally was truly a vision of radiance.  Brian could not stop looking at  her with a huge smile.  He knows he is a lucky guy (=

We wish them the very very very best!!!!

IMG_8666 IMG_8676 IMG_8680 IMG_8685 IMG_8695 IMG_8700 IMG_8713 IMG_8730 IMG_8735 IMG_8738 IMG_8743 IMG_8745 IMG_8761 IMG_8764



6/14/14 – Rebekah and Brad – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulations to Rebekah and Brad!  These two are just amazing together!  It is so very apparent that they have their priorities in order, and that they have a HUGE support group with friends and family.  It was a packed house for this one (=  Very popular couple, but after getting to know them a bit, I know why.  They are good people, really really really good people.  They had a spectacular wedding, and we wish them the very very very best!

IMG_8558 IMG_8566 IMG_8569 IMG_8573 IMG_8574 IMG_8577 IMG_8584 IMG_8590 IMG_8594 IMG_8599 IMG_8601 IMG_8605 IMG_8608 IMG_8609 IMG_8612 IMG_8615 IMG_8618 IMG_8621 IMG_8623 IMG_8628 IMG_8643 IMG_8653 IMG_8655



6/9/14 – Brittany and Thomas – Redding Wedding Venue


IMG_8532Congratulations to Brittany and Thomas!!!  They wanted a small gathering with family and close friends for their wedding, and that is exactly what they got…a very intimate celebration of vows.  It was very simple, meaningful and beautiful.  Since this was a weekday event, I hosted which means that I got some fun photos!  Enjoy (=

We wish Brittany and Thomas the very very very best!!!!

IMG_8457 IMG_8460 IMG_8462 IMG_8463 IMG_8476 IMG_8477 IMG_8480 IMG_8482 IMG_8486 IMG_8491 IMG_8497 IMG_8499 IMG_8507 IMG_8510 IMG_8514 IMG_8521 IMG_8541 IMG_8543


6/7/14 – Whitney and Nick – Redding Wedding Venue


IMG_8455Congratulations to Whitney and Nick!  I apologize that I am so late with my blog postings.  It has been busier than usual this year, not complaining though, a fun busy.

The vibe of their wedding was rustic elegance.  It was so beautiful, and was such a fun crowd!  Amazing day all around (=

We with them the very very very best!!!!

IMG_8399 IMG_8411 IMG_8416 IMG_8428 IMG_8431 IMG_8437 IMG_8442 IMG_8444 IMG_8447 IMG_8451 IMG_8454





6/4/14 – Millville 8th Grade Graduation – Redding Wedding and Event Venue


Congratulations to the Millville Class of 2014!!!!  Foothill High is about to get a batch of great kids.  We wish them all the very best!


IMG_8378 IMG_8380 IMG_8396

6/1/14 – Elyse and Todd – Redding Wedding Venue


Congratulation to Elyse and Todd!!!!!  I totally LOVED these two the moment I met them.  They are sooo freaking adorable together, and I had so much fun knowing them.  You simply cannot ignore the spark between them.  They are just so laid back and fun!  Their day reflected them perfectly.  Laid back and very classy chic!

Elyse and Todd are an amazing couple and we wish them the very very very best!!!!!


IMG_8272 IMG_8280 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8290 IMG_8293 IMG_8306 IMG_8316 IMG_8322 IMG_8326 IMG_8335 IMG_8345 IMG_8349 IMG_8366 IMG_8370



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